Tricks that will make working with the iPad more convenient & review

Tricks that will make working with the iPad more convenient & review All Apple NEWS
How to open App Switcher
Swipe up and keep moving your finger in that direction. So you open the App Switcher and you can switch between open applications.
How to enter the “Control Center”
To do this, swipe down from the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen. A long press on the icons located in the “Control Point” will allow you to see additional parameters and settings. You can change the controls by opening “Settings” → “Control Point” → “Configure Controls”.
How to check system notifications
To see the latest iPadOS notifications, swipe down on the left side of the screen. A data window will appear in its center.
How to find information on iPad
On the home screen, swipe down. This will open the search bar and Siri Offers. If a keyboard is connected to the iPad, you can press Cmd + spacebar for the same purpose.
How to quickly switch between applications
If you’re working on the 2018 iPad Pro, you can switch between apps by swiping your finger from bottom to top on the long white bar at the bottom of the screen, exactly the same as on iPhone models without buttons. On other iPad models, you’ll need to double-click the Touch ID home button.
How to close windows and applications
Launch the App Switcher (see above) or swipe up while in the application or window that you want to close.
How to return to the home screen
In iPad Pro, you need to quickly swipe up, in other iPad – press the home button Touch ID.
How to wake up an iPad
If you have an iPad Pro 2018, just tap the screen. On other iPad models, waking up will require a click on the Touch ID home button.
How to return to the previous page
If you are reading a document on iBooks, click on the left side of the iPad screen and you will return to the previous page. In other applications, including Safari, you need to swipe to the right.
How to change the screen orientation
Just flip the iPad horizontally for landscape or vertical for portrait. If you want the iPad screen to not spin, open the Control Center, and then tap the arrow icon around the lock.
How to open a floating window
Slide Over mode allows you to open one floating window on top of the main one. Here’s how to do it: slowly swipe up → the Dock panel appears → remove your finger from the screen → press and hold the icon of the desired application → drag it from the Dock onto the screen.
How to move a floating window
Drag the floating window while holding down a long series of lines from the top. You can move it to the left or right of the screen.
How to split a screen
Drag the floating window up or down. It will fill its half of the screen, sharing it in this way with the main application. You can use them at the same time.
How to resize a window
When splitting the screen, each application occupies 50% of its area. If you want to enlarge one of the windows, drag the dark dividing line left or right.
How to remove screen split
Swipe from the dark dividing line to the bottom of the app you want to close. It will move to a floating window. To completely remove it, swipe up.
How to insert files into emails and messages
Make sure you have a file management application compatible with Mail and Messages. Then find the desired object and drag it into the text.
How to copy text / URL into notes
Launch Safari along with Notes in split screen mode. In Safari, select the text or URL that you want to copy and drag it into Notes.
General tips
How to enable a dark theme
Open “Settings” → “Screen and Brightness” and turn on or off the dark theme. By clicking on the Options below, you can configure a schedule for it.
How to find out which iPad you have
Open “Settings” → “General” → “About the program”. It will indicate the software version, iPad model and device serial number.
How to enable the Today mode
Today mode with the most needed applications and widgets can be enabled on the iPad home screen in landscape orientation. To do this, swipe to the right, click “Change” and activate the corresponding option.
How to set up the Today mode
Scroll down the home screen in Today mode and click Edit. In the menu that opens, you can configure the set and order of applications and widgets.
How to find an iPad
If you have another Apple device, open the “Find device” application (green circle with a blue dot on a white background) → click on “Devices” at the bottom → select iPad from the list → then you can use a number of options, for example, enable sound playback, If you think that the tablet is somewhere nearby.
How to copy and paste
Select an image or text and squeeze it with three fingers to copy. Release three fingers to insert.
How to scan a document
Open the Notes application → tap the camera icon in the lower right corner → select “Scan documents” and take a picture of the document.
How to take a screenshot
Press and quickly release the Home button and the Sleep / Wake button. All screenshots will appear in the Photos application. On the 2018 iPad Pro, you need to press and quickly release the volume up button and the Sleep / Wake button.
How to send photos to all devices
If you turn on iCloud Photos, then all the pictures you take or edit on your iPad or other Apple device will be available on all your gadgets. To launch this function, open “Settings” → click on your name at the top → iCloud → “Photos” → “Enable iCloud”.
How to create an application folder
Keep clicking on the application, drag it to the one with which you want to merge into one folder, and it will appear. Then you can rename it by clicking on the title at the top.
How to connect a mouse
To do this, you need a Bluetooth mouse. Open “Settings” → Bluetooth → make sure that the Bluetooth on the mouse is turned on → select the mouse in the “Other devices” section → follow the further instructions that the tablet will show ..
How to set up Face ID for a second person on iPad Pro 2018
The Face ID function to unlock the tablet on the face allows you to enter biometrics of two people. To save the data of the second user, select “Settings” → “Face ID and Password” → configure “Alternative Appearance”.
How to add another fingerprint to Touch ID
In Touch ID, you can add fingerprints of up to five people. To do this, go to “Settings” → “Touch ID and password” → “Add fingerprint”.
How to clear your search history
Open “Settings” → scroll to Safari → scroll to “Clear site history and data”.
How to change the visibility of information on the lock screen
Open “Settings” → “Face ID and Password” or “Touch ID and Password” → scroll to the “Allow access when locking” section and select what will be displayed on the screen.
How to make iPad charge faster
Try putting your tablet in airplane mode. To do this, on the home screen, swipe down from the upper right corner and click on “Airplane Mode”.
However, a more reliable way is to buy Apple’s 30-W USB-C charger and USB-C-Lightning cable or USB-C-USB-C cable, depending on the iPad model. If you have a MacBook, then you may only need a cable, as the new MacBooks come bundled with a fast charger.
How to find out about charge
Open “Settings” → “Battery”. There will be two tabs: with statistics for the last 24 hours and for the last two days. Each has a graph and a list of applications with information on how much energy they consume.
Apple pencil
How to access notes from the lock screen
Activate the screen and double-tap on it with the tip of the Apple Pencil. After that, you can open Notes and start writing new text. This will work even if the device is locked.
To enable this feature, go to “Settings” → “Notes” → “Access notes from the lock screen”.
How to search for handwritten notes
The field for this is located in the side menu of “Notes”. You can use it to search for both handwritten and printed texts. If your handwriting is clear enough, the application will understand it.
How to change the double-tap role of Apple Pencil
If you’re using the second-generation Apple Pencil with the 2018 iPad Pro, you can change the double-tap role.
Go to Settings → Apple Pencil. After double-tapping, it can switch between the current tool and the eraser, the current tool and the last used one, or display a color palette. You can also completely disable this feature. It is not available for the first generation Apple Pencil.
Smart keyboard
On the Apple smart keyboard, you can press and hold the Cmd key to see all the available keyboard shortcuts. In most cases, they match the combinations on the Mac.
Keyboard shortcuts
Cmd + N: open a new window, which is convenient for splitting the screen in Safari.
Cmd + H: return to the home screen.
Cmd + space: open the search on the tablet.
Cmd + Tab: allow you to scroll through open applications.
Cmd + Shift + 3: take a screenshot of the entire screen.
Cmd + Shift + 4: take a screenshot and automatically open it in layout mode.
How to unlock iPad Pro using Smart Keyboard
If you are using the 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID, you can unlock the tablet by simply looking at the camera and pressing the space bar.
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