Translate to iPhone: How to use the built-in Translate in iOS

In iOS 14 (an overview of all new features), Apple has added a new Translation app. It is easy to guess, at least from the name, that the program is designed to translate from one language to another. The Translation app has several useful features that will come in handy both when learning a new language or when trying to talk to someone who speaks another language. We will explain the main functions of this useful program and how to use them.

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The appearance of the Translation application

The Translation application has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to select languages ​​for translation at the top of the working window, as well as options for entering (or pasting) text for translation or saying it aloud after clicking on the Microphone button.

The appearance of the Translation application

The translation will be shown in bold, with the original phrase in black and the translation in blue. When you press the play button, iPhone tries to say the phrase out loud in the new language so you can know the correct pronunciation or play it back to a native speaker of another language.

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Languages ​​available in the Translation app

Languages ​​available in the Translation app

The Translation app can translate from and to: Arabic, Chinese, English (US and UK options), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

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Voice translation

With voice translation, you can tap the microphone in the Translation app and speak the phrase aloud so that it is translated into the target language. By the way, the application perfectly understands Russian language and slang by ear.

Voice translation on iPhone

You can speak any of the supported languages ​​and translate your spoken language into any other language. The Translation app works with simple phrases as well as long sentences and speech.

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Text translation

Translation application can also do text translation. This is useful if you need to insert some text from a website or document for translation.

Translate text on iPhone

You can enter a single sentence or insert long paragraphs of text. All this application will fully translate, making it possible to listen and interpret. It can then be reproduced to learn the pronunciation.

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Conversation mode in the Translation app

Conversation Mode is a handy little feature that allows you to chat with someone who speaks a different language. To go into talk mode, simply place your iPhone horizontally.

Conversation mode in the Translation app

While talking, the iPhone listens to both languages ​​and can immediately translate between them. When you are talking to someone, simply press the microphone button when the next person speaks, and the iPhone will translate part of the conversation to each person in their native language.

To use Talk Mode with Automatic Speech Recognition, make sure this setting is turned on. Tap one of the language fields at the top of the app and scroll down to see that “Auto detect“Included.

Conversation mode in the Translation app

If auto detection doesn’t work as expected, try turning it off and talking by alternately pressing the two microphones at the bottom of the app. They will be displayed when auto detection is off.

This way, you can make sure that the iPhone is listening to you at all and translating the speech into the desired language.

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Attention mode

While talking with the iPhone in a horizontal position, you can click the expand icon (two arrows pointing in opposite directions from each other).

Attention Mode in Translate on iPhone

This will display the translated phrase in Attention mode. The words will be displayed in large letters that fill the entire iPhone screen for readability.

This mode is very useful because a large text can be shown to someone at a distance to convey your message when you do not speak a foreign language. Please note that this mode is best for short phrases and sentences rather than long text due to the magnification.

Attention Mode in Translate on iPhone

Pressing the play button allows you to read the translation aloud. Tapping the bubble icon will exit attention mode and return to talk mode.

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Favorites in the Translation app

Any recent translation can be saved as a favorite on a tab with an appropriate name. If necessary, you can save and repeat the most frequently used translated phrases. The Favorites tab also displays your most recent translations.

Favorites in the Translation app

To remove a phrase from Favorites, swipe from right to left and press the red button.

Favorites in the Translation app

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Dictionary in Translation app

If you just click on any word in any language in the Translation app, the dictionary function will provide its definition and examples of use. This feature is useful if you don’t know what exactly a word means in another language.

Dictionary in Translation app

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Translations on the device

By default, translations are not performed on the device itself, the program works over the Internet. However, if you download a language pack in the Translation app, translations to and from the selected language can be done on the iPhone itself for added privacy.

Translations using offline language packs are done directly on the device and are private. Apple does not have access to translated content. Standalone language packs can be downloaded by tapping one of the ‘Translate’ language fields at the top of the app by scrolling down to ‘Languages ​​available offline»And clicking the download button next to the language you want to download.

Conversation mode in the Translation app

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