Thing. Tricycle for the price of iPad Pro

Thing. Tricycle for the price of iPad Pro All Apple NEWS

Do you want to be in trend and ride on environmentally friendly transport? Can’t live without a two-wheeled friend and are waiting for the opening of the season? Need a way with the breeze to move around the city and country roads, without thinking about the problems?

We live in Russia. There are no electric vehicles here, just like bikes in winter. But the tricycle electric Citycoco CYQ011 can change everything.

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Who are Citycoco

As you know, China today is almost a complete monopolist in the field of urban electric transport. Xiaomi, Ninebot, KUGOO … The list goes on and on.

One countless “Russian” crafts based on the contracted name of the products is worth it. So about Citycoco – this is not a no-name, but a brand whose products can be found in both Russian and European stores.

There are quality certificates, models meet the requirements of the road legislation of Russia and the CIS. So you have to prepare the rights of category “M”.

But it’s worth it. Especially if you buy on Ali: the seller willingly modifies the basic versions to the desired level. Anything and whatever.

What is it made of?

One of these modifications and became Citycoco CYQ011, which has become a modification of the rather popular “electrochopper” of the company, which we talked about recently.

Unlike the basic version, the “eleventh” received an open frame structure, closed with carbon fiber panels.

The frame forms a kind of cabin that resembles a buggy. A useful solution – the legs are always protected. And the carrying capacity is becoming serious: the analogues of 150 kilograms can not even be dragged constructively.

In addition, this approach made it possible to effectively protect the insides, to hide almost the entire filling in removable covers. Therefore, Q11 is not afraid of puddles, dirt and impassability.

Again, impressive power elements made it possible to abandon small-sized components in favor of the classics. Agree, it turned out very interesting in appearance.

Three wheels – the ideal of everything

As an engine, this Citycoco does not use a wheel motor, but a classic 1 kW or 1.5 kW electric motor. Drive to both rear wheels, with all the resulting bonuses and problems.

There are many advantages in this approach: it is easy to maintain (if necessary, you can put another without waiting from China), the center of gravity shifted under the driver improves ergonomics, and the rear discs are simply invaluable.

Yes, and native 8-inch wheels can always be exchanged for something more interesting. The rear ones are already automobile, you can save on rubber (for motorcycles and scooters the winter is godlessly expensive).

You have to pay for it with an overly stable trip (like in the Urals, you twist it – but it doesn’t turn), with a large mass and brutal appetite.

Well, although the model rides perfectly in the snow, the front desk can be easily buried.

Driving performance

However, using winter motorcycle rubber is the most sustainable electric bike on the market. One of.

The dynamics do not suffer: “sideways to blame” will not work, but you can drive at a speed of up to 60 km / h. It is even necessary if dry and the maximum configuration with a 1.5 kW motor is selected.

The load capacity of the bike reaches 150 kilograms (while the speed decreases to 50 km / h). If you choose the right rubber and not regret the speed – you can carry a trailer or a plow.

An important point: the battery is lead-acid, very heavy. Lives not for long, gives huge currents. But it is restored easily and naturally, it costs a penny and is not afraid of frost.

But when operating in Russia, it is worth asking to change it to LiPo, albeit at the cost of reduced dynamics. It will still be very cool, stable and fast.

How much does it cost and how to buy?

Three-wheeled Citycoco CYQ011 is offered on AliExpress with direct delivery to Russia, the cost of delivery is free in any region.

For a version with a kilowatt motor, you will have to pay 115 thousand rubles. A more advanced model with a power of 1500 watts will cost a little more, 124 thousand rubles.

Cashback at 2,000 rubles. enough for the basic body kit.

For such an assembly, a completely ridiculous amount. If you do not take into account that for the money you can buy a car on the go, “not requiring investment.”

But still … Electric motor!

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