The last step to make the iPad Pro a real laptop replacement

The last step to make the iPad Pro a real laptop replacement All Apple NEWS

Four months have passed unnoticed as I use the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement.
No, not like that. Periodically use – this is true. He never replaced the laptop to me personally. There are several reasons, unfortunately.
With great interest, I expected to update this device, because it is hard to do better. This is an absolutely unattainable piece of iron in its totality of parameters, there’s no one to even equal.
And the announcement of the iPad Pro 2020 confirmed: we have never been so close to the dream of switching from laptops to iPad.
A laptop is unthinkable without a keyboard and touchpad, and now all this is in abundance

Do you want a piece of MacBook in your iPad Pro? Receive and sign.
The Magic Keyboard Stand Case is Apple’s legendary touchpad and an updated, revised keyboard with full key travel. It is expensive, 26 990 rubles. But, IMHO, it’s really worth it.
Soft fabric buttons Smart Keyboard Folio gave way to hard clapping keys. The previous case was good, but the keyboard unit from the MacBooks is definitely better.
Adding a touchpad to an accessory and support in iPadOS finally breaks the flaw faced by iPad Pro users in laptop mode: the need to constantly “tap” on the screen with your finger.

There is nothing weirder than reaching for the display to press the buttons after just typing letters on the physical keyboard. This is a completely irrational element of the user experience, rejecting all those who have used computers for the past decades.
E-mine, this is corny inconvenient. The hand bends for the tap as if you were doing something wrong. And there were no alternatives besides limited mouse support.
The touchpad is a recognition of the disadvantages of this method of control. Together with gesture support, he confirms that Apple saw the problem, heard our complaints. The deeper the touchpad support will penetrate the iPadOS, the better it will be for everyone who plans to abandon the laptop now or in the next year or two.

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Another thought is curious. Apple only minimally updated the model of 2018 to delight her in 2020 – and for this it was enough to release Magic Keyboard and its support in the tablet operating system. An indicator of how futuristic the gadget itself has become in terms of iron.
The increase in RAM was the best upgrade for iPad Pro

The new A12z processor in the iPad Pro 2020 is almost no different from the old one in performance, with the exception of the video chip. It is understandable. Where there is more powerful.

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Much more important is upgrading the RAM from 4 to 6 GB.
The RAM of the iPad Pro 2018 at 4 GB can not hold several heavy applications. For example, I have a normal text editor, web browser and Notes open in the same screen with Slide Over and Split View at the same time. This is a la full-fledged working screen, which I collect for writing articles.
Now we add to it a separate full-size window, the task of the graphic editor and Slide Over for the file explorer Files embedded in iOS 13. It has become much more powerful last year, and I use iCloud Drive to store both the original photos and the processed versions.
Well, the final chord: a messenger. This is the third desktop. You can switch between them with a swipe at the bottom of the screen, conveniently.
Now, God forbid, I have to leave these three desktops for any reason. If this is done, one of them with a probability of 50% will reboot completely. With the exception of Notes and Files, data in third-party applications may be lost until the last local save. Because there is not enough RAM.
Professional software and multi-window modes alone did not bother the previous iPad Pro at all. The processor in it is monstrous, surpassing many laptops. But RAM remained the Achilles heel of the iron tablet. Now it should be enough.
The iPad Pro 2018 lacked another port. Now he is

Since we’re talking about a bunch of a new tablet and Magic Keyboard, we don’t forget: the keyboard block has its own USB-C port.
Through it, you can charge both the keyboard and the tablet itself at the same time. The port is located on the left side directly in the hinge of the keyboard.
Apple does not mention the ability to connect accessories to the new port of the external keyboard, which is logical. The accessory is still docked with the tablet using the magnets and the Smart Connector docking port on the back, just like a Smart Keyboard Folio. The data transfer speed in such a scheme will not comply with USB standards, let alone USB-C.
So with the Magic Keyboard we get an additional connector specifically for charging the tablet. And the USB-C port in the iPad Pro itself remains free for anything: from special docking stations to a banal external hard drive or flash drive.
Stationary work with such combos will not be limited by the choice between charging and external peripherals. Just like with any laptop. We will not remember about the 12-inch MacBook, now it is completely clear why it is no longer sold.
The usability of the iPad in laptop mode was in question. But not now

I’m talking about usability, not about functionality.
The previous version of the keyboard cover, Smart Keyboard Folio, revealed at two angles: almost straight and blunt. It seems to me that I have never used the first option: it is inconvenient when printing, because the display is then too far deflected from the face.
And the second option I constantly want to turn a little towards you, then vice versa a little more evenly put depending on its height above the table. It’s real, neither there nor here. And although this did not really hinder, the question remained open.

Apple once again proves that its engineers are of the highest class, because in the Magic Keyboard they fixed it globally: put what angle you want. iPad Pro can now generally hover over the keyboard, rising higher to the face.
So, in the case there are powerful hinges that hold at an angle of almost 500 grams of the tablet without movement. It generally looks like some kind of mini-monitor, except that there is no horizontal swivel mechanism.
Thus, it will be much more convenient for you to work with the new “firmware” in the laptop format while sitting at the table. The stand of some Microsoft Surface Pro smokes on the sidelines.
It remains to implement all the functions of PRO-software, and we will have a replacement

It turns out that the only obstacle to the transformation of the iPad Pro is software.
Here you need to understand: the applications themselves are indescribably many! You will find 99% of what you need to work in the App Store. Adapting to the logic of the iPadOS and the peculiarities of interacting with the system is not as difficult as it seems on the first day. This is a matter of the week, after which you are a virtuoso of a mobile workflow.
The problem is the remaining one percent. He is the most important. We are talking about specific functionality in applications like graphic and video editors, a complete replacement for which on the iPadOS is not yet available.
When you run into this percentage, the only thing left to do is give up and get a laptop. This is your personal kernel panic, STOP workflow, around which you have to either fence the garden from the “hacks” or return to the computer.
Not everyone will have such a “percentage”, but I have it. I didn’t find a graphic editor on the iPadOS with the function of spot color correction across the canvas: with the choice of a specific spectrum through the “eyedropper”, an increase in the magnitude of the slider and without localizing the effect on a specific physical area.

With her, I regularly turn a disgusting photo with terrible colors and white balance into something that I’m not ashamed to post on the site for review and sometimes revise, combing the ego.
This feature is a hundred years old as it is in Photoshop, but is not available in all versions for iPadOS and analogues of other developers. She personally saves me a lot of nerves when editing photos. I have to uncover the MacBook Pro.
The ball here is not at the gates of Apple, but at the software developers. I don’t know how to rush them. Good sales of the iPad Pro, constant requests to add features from users and generally more attention to creating software for PRO-tasks will definitely not hurt. It remains only to wait and periodically pull the sleeve of those who write applications.
Adobe here is useless to pull. They did a Photoshop conversion for iPad for a year and did something that is still embarrassing to open.
The main thing: iPad Pro 2020 has gone in the right direction

Putting it all together, we get a serious case to transfer to iPad for everyone who wants to jump into the truly mobile era of full-fledged work.
I would be glad once to stop thinking about whether to take a laptop with me, and every day, without a shadow of a doubt, use only the iPad Pro. This is now possible, but if you need to deeply edit photos, then that’s it.
Killing performance, amazing screen, excellent battery life, top-end cameras for the category, a full keyboard stand with a touchpad. The new “firmware” has everything. Apple did the most important thing this spring to bring the post-PC era Jobs talked about.
The thing is small: to make professionals louder demand from software developers the missing functions and vote for a new tablet in rubles – from 69,990 rubles, I remind.
If only he meant something by the end of the year. But this is a completely different story.

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