The iPhone 12 (and even 11, XR and SE 2) bundles will no longer have a charger or headphones

If you call the presentation of the iPhone 12 from Apple a barrel of honey, then the change in the configuration of the smartphone became a fly in the ointment. In the box with the new model, you will not find any EarPods or a power adapter. The manufacturer attributes this change in business model to savings on packaging materials to reduce environmental impact. The new iPhone boxes will indeed be thinner and lighter, which is influenced by the change in the number of accessories.

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But it was not announced at the event that previous models would also change the trim level. Unfortunately, the new shipments of the iPhone 11, XR, SE will also be carried out without EarPods and power adapter. The goal is still the same – the transition to a new thin packaging. But all these phones originally had a more complete package. Well, in the fight for the environment (or to reduce spending?) Apple has decided to act decisively. The manufacturer suggests using existing accessories or purchasing them separately.

However, all iPhone models will ship with at least a USB-C to Lightning cable. And then there is an update – this accessory replaced the former standard complete USB-A to Lightning cable for a long time. While there were rumors that the new cable would have a braided design and increased strength, it never happened. Both new and old iPhones come with a regular rubber-braided cable.

What's in the iPhone box

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