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The first batch of folding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sold out / HB

February 14, 09:24

Tsey material also available in Ukrainian

The first batch of folding Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sold out

Samsung sold a limited number of foldable Galaxy Z Flip smartphones in Seoul ahead of its official launch.

The gadgets were available at Digital Plaza’s signature stores in Seoul and sold out in a business day.

Only 900 units were available, but they were all sold before the end of the day, despite the relatively high price of 1.65 million Korean won. ($ 1,400).

Sales began at 10:30 local time. Smartphones in Mirror Purple finished first at around 4 p.m. Another available color option, Mirror Black, sold out until around 6 p.m., showing which of the two colors was more popular.

At the same time, in the beginning, the Purple model will be produced in smaller quantities, so customers may have to wait a little longer when ordering online. A version of Mirror Gold has also been announced, but so far it is not available even on pre-orders.

We add that on February 14, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip became available at a price of $ 1380. The gadget can already be ordered directly from Samsung. In addition, AT & T, BestBuy and Sprint mobile carriers will offer Z Flip in the United States. Samsung claims that the number of gadgets is very limited.×150/acd950dcb5e3923f9a13ef93eb77ad21.jpeg

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