The best apps of 2019 for iPhone. Editor’s Choice

The best apps of 2019 for iPhone. Editor’s Choice All Apple NEWS

At the end of the year, it is customary to take stock and draw up ratings. So keep the top iPhone apps that have helped us all year 2019 every day, in a variety of situations.

Each application below will turn your iPhone into a useful tool with which you can make your life easier, do all your work and even save money on your family budget. Download and enjoy.

Spark (is free)

Best email client

This is an advanced email client with the function of smart sorting letters. The application itself selects important messages into a single feed from all connected email accounts, filtering out spam and advertising.

In addition to receiving and sending mail, Spark has a calendar and integration with the services of Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote and OneNote.

The most convenient replacement for the standard Mail app on iPhone.

Sleep Tracker for Apple Watch

While Apple is just about to make a full sleep tracker, the App Store already has a powerful application with similar functionality.

Using the data from your Apple Watch, this utility can wake you up in the right phase, control your sleep and give recommendations on how to improve it. All data is synchronized with the regular Health application.

Unread (is free)

The fastest RSS client

If you visit the same sites every day, it makes sense to get yourself a convenient reader that will collect all new articles and display them on the screen of your smartphone in the form of a single news feed.

Unread copes with this task faster than many other counterparts in the App Store, does not cost a penny, and this application also has a very cool minimalistic design that can be customized to your liking.

Detects ambient noise in decibels

The name of the application speaks for itself: it is a simple utility that determines the volume of ambient noise.

Noise measurement is useful if you have installed new windows, if you are working in a room with loud noises, and if a neighbor drills something again on Saturday morning.

Measure the noise level, and if the application shows too many decibels – feel free to complain, go talk to your neighbor or ask to transfer you to another office, away from the source of annoying sounds.

Shows the brightness of light in lumens

Another useful utility that will help you choose a light bulb with a perfectly soft glow so that your eyes do not get tired.

Also useful for testing the brightness of car headlights, for example.

For the perfect sound for any headphone

This application is one of the main discoveries of this year: it contains presets for an impressive list of headphones, applying which you will hear the very perfect sound.

It doesn’t matter through what you listen to music from your iPhone – Sonarworks True-Fi has the right equalizer blank for any brand, whether it’s “gags” or full-size head monitors.

To save on city trips

We all use a taxi, some more often, some less often. But regardless of this, it is always pleasant to get from one point to another at the most attractive low price.

This application shows the price for a trip from Citimobil, Indriver (Indriver), Uber (Uber, Hubert), Gett (Gett, Get), RuTaxi (Ru Taxi, Taxi Lucky), Taxofvichkoff and Maxim (Taxi Maxim). Choose the most “delicious”, and feel free to order. Saving is good.

Original spam protection

Try not to clean your inbox one day, and be horrified how much unnecessary spam is being poured into you in 24 hours. The Temp Mail application allows you to create a temporary mailbox to indicate it when registering in any service and not to worry about possible mailings.

There is a paid subscription, but there is enough functionality in the free version. Pop-up ads occasionally appear, but you can live with that.

The best tool for tracking TV shows

If you do not have time to follow the release of new episodes and want to keep abreast of serial novelties, this application is a definite “masthead”.

Kinorium can remind you of new releases, the end and the beginning of new seasons, make your own lists of TV shows, share them with friends and much more. We even wrote a review on this useful application.

Momento (is free)

Cool diary for any entries

The problem with most diary applications is that you need to write everything in them with your hands. That is why you need to use Momento: this application automatically saves various events from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Swarm, YouTube, Spotify and Flickr accounts.

In addition, there are even statistics of trips with Uber, and if desired, you can also connect an RSS feed. All information is displayed in the form of a tape and allows you not to forget important points throughout the year.

Yes, you can also write notes with your hands, of course.

These are the applications we used ourselves and recommend them to you. Happy New Year, dear readers!


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