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temporarily or permanently – from phone, computer – Android – iPhone / HB

February 26, 22:23

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Perhaps you want to arrange a temporary Insta-detox or decide that a social network takes up too much time.

There are two ways to delete an Instagram account – temporarily block the page and permanently remove the account from the social network. Choose what you need at the moment and follow the further instructions.

1. Block account with the possibility of recovery

To temporarily block the page, you need to go to your Instagram profile through a browser on your computer or phone.

Next click on the button Edit profile, scroll down the page and click on the active link Temporarily block my account. You will be prompted to select a reason for blocking and enter a password. Then press the button Temporarily block your account. Now your page is not available to other users of the social network.

If you want to regain access to the page, you need to go to your profile through the Instagram application on your mobile.

2. Delete account forever

Using this method, you can delete your profile from the social. Instagram networks are forever along with all photos, comments, videos and subscribers. After complete removal, it will be impossible to restore them.

If you are ready for this, go to your profile through a browser on your computer or phone. Next, follow the link to the removal page The system will prompt you to select the reason for the removal and enter your password. Next press the button Delete my account permanently. Done!

And if you need to remove the Instagram application from your phone without deleting your account?

In this case, click on the Instagram application icon for 1-2 seconds and drag. After this action, a menu with a button will appear. Delete. Drag the icon to the trash and delete.

You can also go to MenuApplication managementAll applications or Third partyInstagram Delete.

If the Instagram application needs to be removed from the iPhone, repeat the previous instruction. We click on the application icon and hold, when the icon starts to shake, a sign will appear in the upper corner of the screen X. Click on X and delete the application.×150/0561655e9ab65eb6b9fdc97d84dead18.jpeg

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