How to set up an autoresponder for emails in Mail on Mac
Every user of a “native” mail client for Mac has probably at least once in his life thought about creating a pre-prepared response to emails
How much space is left in the mailbox (email): how to find out in the Mail app on Mac
Depending on the email service you use for personal and business communications, you may have limitations on the size of your storage. For example, a service
Mail on Mac: How to disable automatic download of attachments
The happy owners of the brand new “poppies” probably noticed that when setting up the computer, the application “Post office”
How to automatically delete specific incoming emails in Mail on Mac (macOS)
If you have an iPhone, getting rid of the annoying subscriber (or rather his letters and calls) is very simple. But if it comes to e-mail, everything is
How to automatically highlight specific emails in Mail on Mac
Mail client on Mac offers many features for convenient sorting of incoming emails – automatic sending to different folders, removing spam and even
Smart folders and smart albums in Photos, Contacts and Mail on Mac (macOS): what it is and how to use it
These macOS tools are very easy to learn – and they make our daily lives really cool. What exactly do they “know” and how to set up a useful function correctly?
How to set a sound alert in Mail on Mac when you receive an email with specific text
If you use the mail client Mail on a Mac, you probably know that there are a lot of interesting settings. One of them, which few people know about, is
How to format email text in Mail on Mac (macOS)
Want to make your email truly unusual? No problem! The Mac mail client has a very useful toolbar just in case. ♥ BY TOPIC: Scrapbooks on Mac is
Mail opens in Split View mode while watching videos on Mac, how to disable it
People enjoy using the standard Mac email app to easily send and receive email messages. At the same time, the program can work in full screen mode, and
How to create signatures for each individual e-mail in Mail on Mac (macOS) and use them
How to create signatures for each individual e-mail in Mail on Mac (macOS) and use themAll Apple NEWS
Nowadays, most users have multiple email addresses. One may be personal, the second – a worker, the third – for newsletters or something like that.
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