Chrome by default in iOS, or how to open links in Google Chrome on iPhone or iPad
Recently, the developers of iOS (iPadOS) have significantly expanded the rights of users, saving the latter from the need to jailbreak the system.
Optimized charging, or how in iOS to extend the life of an iPhone battery that is constantly left on charge overnight
With the release of iOS 13, the iPhone received a very important feature that is designed to extend battery life. Function Optimizing Battery Charge explores
Game review How to get a neighbor for iPhone, iPad and Mac – the legendary classic on iOS and macOS
The game Neighbors from Hell (in Russian localization “How to get a neighbor”) was released back in 2003 on the PC. Quite unexpectedly, the
New in iOS 14: How do I style Reminder lists with emoji, icons, and color schemes?
In iOS 13, Apple made many improvements to Reminders, including the ability to personalize lists. This allowed users to add colored icons to make it easier
New in iOS 14: How to Hide Individual Apps from the iPhone Home Screen
iOS 14 (a detailed overview of new features) makes it easy to get rid of clutter on the home screen by hiding entire pages of applications from view.
New iOS 14: How to sort photos and videos using search filters in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad
The Photos app has a good search function to find the specific photos and videos you want. But when you are inside an album, this search option is not very useful.
New in iOS 14: How to reply to a specific message in iMessage chats
Group conversation can quickly become quite chaotic. Even a small number of participants can generate a stream of messages that is difficult to track on your iPhone.
New in iOS 14: How to show thumbnails of photos and videos with actual aspect ratios in Photos on iOS
Whenever you browse the grid of photos and videos in the Photos app, whether you’re in the Photos, Albums, or Search tab, all of your media appears
New in iOS 14: How to Mention a User in an iMessage Chat on iPhone and iPad
Group chats can be a great way to communicate in “IMessage” on iOS. This can be useful for a team of colleagues working on a project or a group
Translate to iPhone: How to use the built-in Translate in iOS
In iOS 14 (an overview of all new features), Apple has added a new Translation app. It is easy to guess, at least from the name, that the program is designed