How to create contact groups on iPhone and iPad
Many iOS users have probably tried, but couldn’t find functionality to create contact groups on an iPhone or iPad. The obvious benefit of this sorting
How to dial copied phone number on iPhone without creating a contact
When using an iPhone, you can see the phone number in the note or on the website. It is enough to touch it to immediately make a direct call. But if you don’
How to set separate ringtone and vibration for contact on iPhone
If you are often called, but you don’t want to answer every call, it makes sense to assign a special ringtone to important (or unpleasant) numbers.
How to block contact in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android
How to block contact in WhatsApp on iPhone and AndroidAll Apple NEWS
WhatsApp is not accidentally called almost the most popular program for instant messaging, which helps people to keep in touch with each other, even while