How to find out how much memory is occupied by applications on an iPhone or iPad
Starting with iOS 11, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users have the ability to uninstall apps while preserving app data. Thus, when reinstalling applications
Why you need to use the “Sign in with Apple” function for authorization in applications and websites
While some users and companies carefully protect their personal data, others collect it bit by bit in different ways for the purpose of selling. It’
How to set a password to launch (open) applications on iPhone or iPad
If you have a child who often asks your iPhone or iPad to play, pay attention to the function Screen Time… With its help, you can allow your child
How to find and delete large unused files and applications on Mac using standard tools
Popular wisdom says: “There is never too much space on a computer.” In this article, we will tell you how to use the standard macOS tools to
How to get a link to a photo or video from iPhone (iPad) and share it without installing any applications
Standard function Shared Albums on iOS, iPadOS and macOS offers iPhone, iPad and Mac owners to easily share their photos and videos with any user (including
How to remove red eyes from photos on iPhone or iPad without additional applications
The problem is as old as the photography industry itself, unpleasant, but solved long ago, and in more than one way. The function of eliminating “
How to edit video on Mac (crop, rotate, apply effects) without installing additional applications
With the release of macOS Big Sur, the Photos app on Mac can now perform better on video, including cropping, cropping, applying filters, and more.
What Photoshop can do for iPhone: features of free Adobe Photoshop applications (Express, Fix and Mix) for iOS
There are many useful photo editors for correcting photos on iOS devices. Today’s review will focus on three free apps – Adobe Photoshop Express
Free Antivirus for Mac: A Review of the Best Applications
Contrary to popular belief, the macOS apple operating system is as vulnerable to malware as Windows 10. The fact is that the Windows 10 platform is more
Quitter, or how to automatically close or minimize unused applications on Mac (macOS)
When working on a Mac, you probably launch a whole bunch of applications, and of course you forget to close them, which directly affects productivity (a
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