How to remove red eyes from photos on iPhone or iPad without additional applications
The problem is as old as the photography industry itself, unpleasant, but solved long ago, and in more than one way. The function of eliminating “
How to edit video on Mac (crop, rotate, apply effects) without installing additional applications
With the release of macOS Big Sur, the Photos app on Mac can now perform better on video, including cropping, cropping, applying filters, and more.
Cardiio: Heart Rate, or How to Measure Your Heart Rate Using an iPhone Without Purchasing Additional Devices
Recently, Cupertinos have focused on creating software for recording the physiological indicators of users. This became especially noticeable with the
How to resize multiple photos at once on Mac (macOS) without installing additional programs
If you have a large volume of photos that you want to resize, it’s easiest to use the macOS built-in preview feature. You can, of course, use special applications
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