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Samsung’s new flagship will have an analogue of the unique iPhone & review file sharing feature

The XDA Developers resource said that Samsung is developing its own file sharing function, similar to Apple’s AirDrop.
Samsung will be called Quick Share. It will allow you to transfer data to other smartphones and smart devices using the cloud. The function will first appear on the Galaxy S20 smartphone, the announcement of which is scheduled for February 11 this year.
It is reported that Quick Share will work in a similar fashion to AirDrop. That is, users of Samsung smartphones will be able to share files with devices nearby that also have Quick Share. Owners of devices will be able to limit the reception of files. You can, for example, prohibit sending files to the smartphone to those users who are not in the contact list.
In the case of transferring files to smart devices, the maximum volume of one file should not exceed 1 GB, and the total volume – 2 GB per day.

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