Samsung SPH-WP10 – the first watch phone, announced back in 1999

Currently, “smart” gadgets that can be worn on the body are at the peak of popularity, but few people know that engineers began work on expanding the capabilities of watches in the last century.

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It was their ideas that paved the way for such modern devices as Moto 360, LG Watch Urbane and, of course, Apple Watch. Be that as it may, but over more than a ten-year development period, a number of attempts to release smart watches have not been crowned with success.

One such attempt was a device Samsung SPH-WP10 – The first, and still one of the few, watch-phone. The device, the creation of which engineers were inspired by science fiction films, was announced in 1999. Of course, by modern standards, this gadget is very bulky (its thickness was 2 cm + an antenna sticking out at the side, and weight – 50 g), but at that time it was the smallest and lightest “wireless terminal” with a la Star Trek design .


What functionality did they have? Samsung SPH-WP10? The watch combined the capabilities of an electronic clock and a cellular telephone handset. In fact, it was a cell phone that could be worn on the wrist, providing up to 90 minutes of calls. The device was equipped with a monochrome LCD-display with backlight and physical buttons to control the menu. In addition, you could dial a phone number by saying aloud the name of the corresponding subscriber. Voice commands greatly simplified the process, since typing a number or text without an appropriate keyboard is not an easy task.

Manufacturers hoped that Samsung SPH-WP10 will impress the younger generation, however, the watch phone has not gained popularity. Most likely, this can be explained by their very peculiar appearance, confusing management or the fact that the concept of watch phones was already outdated. Luckily for Samsung, its current wearable gadgets are selling very well.

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