Retouch on iPhone: the best iOS apps for retouching photos

Retouch on iPhone: the best iOS apps for retouching photos All Apple NEWS

Retouching has long been a standard practice in professional photography, but Photoshop doesn’t have to be mastered to improve the appearance of a photo. In fact, it’s enough to just install a good photo retouching app and practice a bit.

The hardest part of retouching is knowing when to stop. In the endless sea of ​​iPhone apps designed to retouch photos, you should pay attention to the following four.

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Application Usage Guidelines

You can freely edit and share your photos as you like. At the same time, do not use photo retouching applications if you don’t really want to. Do not listen to those who speak badly of your photos or think that using the photo editing application is wrong. This is not true.

Some of the applications below have a number of limitations so that the user does not overdo it. In particular, the deformation of some objects also affects the background. In terms of photo editing, the more natural and believable your edits, the better.

Remember: how you decide to present yourself on social networks is up to you. There is a huge amount of pressure from friends and acquaintances when we publish photos on resources such as Vkontakte and Instagram, and this pressure has always existed in one form or another.

Although photo retouching applications have become popular at the same time as social networks, their use should not be considered as something bad.

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1. Best Paid Retouching App: Facetune

Retouch on iPhone

This may not be the first retouching app for the iPhone, but definitely one of the best. Facetune includes a number of tools assembled in one package. This package is designed from scratch specifically for retouching faces in photographs. And all this can be obtained for a one-time fee.

The best collection of tools for the job can not be found. In photographs, you can whiten teeth, smooth the skin, highlight details such as eyes, and correct stains with the Stamp tool. It has a liquefaction effect that allows you to change certain details, adjust the skin tone, selective defocusing and some built-in filters.

Retouch on iPhone

Facetune includes tutorials for each tool, along with a video showing the effect in action. In addition, it has many built-in pictures on which you can try out the tools. In the application, you can also undo changes and view the original image during operation.

Facetune controls the level of changes made, so you don’t have to worry about changing the photo too much during editing. At the same time, there are no in-app purchases in the application.

Download Facetune for iPhone (App Store)

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2. Best Free Retouching App: Photoshop Fix

Best Free Retouching App: Photoshop Fix

If you like the look of Facetune but don’t want to pay money for it, use Photoshop Fix. This version of Photoshop is not as simple as Facetune. The user will need to get comfortable using some of the included tools.

The program from Adobe includes a wide range of tools for retouching and does not require a subscription to Creative Cloud to use them. The Lighten tool is great for whitening teeth, the Smooth tool makes working with uneven skin easier, and the stains are easy to fix with the Repair Brush.

Best Free Retouching App: Photoshop Fix

A distinctive feature of this application is the Adobe Liquify tool, which allows you to discreetly (or noticeably) emphasize some facial features. It can be used to expand a smile or to correct the chin, but do not go too far.

Users also get convenient basic photo editing tools such as saturation adjustment, selective defocusing, vignetting and a standard brush. To use the application, you need an Adobe account.

Download Adobe Photoshop Fix for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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3. Noteworthy: Pixlr

Pixlr - photo editor for iPhone and iPad

Pixlr is a web-based photo editing application with a separate version for iOS. The application is absolutely free, without any purchases or restrictions in the application. Like Photoshop Fix, this application is not designed specifically for face retouching.

The program has a tool for lightening with which you can whiten your teeth, and darkening to add contrast or deepen the shadows. You can retouch the skin with a smoothing tool and correct spots with the help of the “Repairing brush”. There are also separate functions for selective defocusing and red-eye removal.

Pixlr - photo editor for iPhone and iPad

Since Pixlr is more like a general photo editor, it also includes several standard tools that are great for all kinds of editing. You can add filters, layers or style your image with predefined effects.

Download Pixlr for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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4. Noteworthy: Lensa photo editor from the developers of the Prisma service

Lensa Photo Editor

Lensa is a selfie photo editor that includes all the necessary tools that make it a truly high-quality retouching application.

A distinctive feature – Lensa offers unique auto-retouch algorithms, which competitors do not have yet. The application allows you to remove defects from the skin of the face automatically, cleanses the skin, evening its tone, while leaving the texture intact and without creating the effect of “blurring”.

Lensa Photo Editor

Combined with a complete set of standard photo editing tools, Lensa is a great recommended application.

The application contains internal purchases (subscription), however, most of the functions of Lensa are available for free.

Download Lensa Photo Editor for iPhone and iPad (App Store)

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Other retouching apps on iPhone

There are many photo retouching apps on the App Store, but the vast majority are not worth the time. Many of them are offered for free, with a built-in shopping function in the application, others use a system of restrictions on free use, and some even offer to subscribe for a certain period.

Microsoft’s two “improved” cameras for iOS – Pix and Selfie – lack certain functions, and applications like Modiface ultimately look more like a cosmetics test toy than a serious photo editing tool. In this way, Facetune and Photoshop Fix remain the best of their kind.

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