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Samsung on last week already introduced the first representatives of the more Metacritic has already summed up its own results for 2019, and now it’s more The network has been rumored for several months about the Galaxy Note 10 more Realme, as promised, today announced its fully wireless Buds Air more

Pride Blizzard: Overwatch became the “game of the year” on PornHub, ahead of Fortnite and Pokémon

Pride Blizzard: Overwatch became the

Metacritic has already summed up its own results for 2019, and now it’s the turn of PornHub aka video hosting. “The first time I hear about this.”

What is known

In 2019, gamers most often searched for content related to Overwatch. The Blizzard project even managed to overtake Fortnite, which went down to second place and lost 17% in search queries. At the same time, the Borderlands universe showed the biggest increase in popularity, which in September broke into the top PornHub.

Most played games on PornHub:

  1. Overwatch
  2. Fortnite
  3. Pokemon
  4. Minecraft
  5. Apex legends
  6. Resident evil
  7. Mortal kombat
  8. Skyrim
  9. Borderlands
  10. Witcher

Apex Legends also fell into the top five popular queries, losing to Minecraft. In addition, on February 18, the Respawn shooter managed to overtake at Fortnite’s requests, having hit the search bar 357,701 times.

Among the game characters in the top PornHub, Zelda managed to break out of the eponymous series of games, displacing Lara Croft in second place. The popularity of the princess grew by 138%, and the entire video with the heroine was searched 5.6 million times. At the same time, the fastest growth in search queries in 1124% was shown by Nina from Tekken, who were searched 243 thousand times in 2019.

Nevertheless, most often on PornHub they searched for videos with the characters Overwatch, Mortal Kombat and Pokemon.

  1. Zelda
  2. Lara Croft
  3. D.Va
  4. Super Mario
  5. Bowset
  6. Mercy
  7. May
  8. Ada wong
  9. Ashe
  10. Brigitte

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