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PlayStation 5 is no longer a threat: Microsoft is preparing to fight with Google and Amazon

In 2001, Microsoft closed the triangle, joining the battle for players with Sony and Nintendo. Now the company does not consider the Japanese a threat, and is preparing to compete with Amazon and Google.

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In an interview for Protocol, the head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer said that Sony and Nintendo are no longer considered the main competitors of Microsoft. According to Spencer, Japanese companies do not have a well-developed cloud infrastructure, such as Azure, while Google and Amazon are actively developing in this direction.

“Speaking of Nintendo and Sony, we have great respect for them, but we see Amazon and Google as major competitors in the future. We respect Nintendo and Sony, but traditional gaming companies are losing ground. I think they could try to recreate Azure, but we have invested tens of billions of dollars in cloud technology over the years, ”Spencer said.

Spencer added that he is not going to fight with Sony and Nintendo for the format of the games, while Amazon and Google are thinking how to provide entertainment to 7 billion users.

“I don’t want to fight over the format with these guys, while Amazon and Google are focusing on attracting 7 billion people to the games around the world. Ultimately, this is the goal, ”Spencer added.

Sony back in 2015 refused exclusive games for the Xbox One. Instead, the company focused on developing services and the ecosystem. Cloud-based Projekt xCloud will help the company provide its services to a larger number of users, which will positively affect profits. Google has already launched its own Stadia platform, and it is rumored that Amazon is also preparing to enter the cloud services race.

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