New iOS 14: How to sort photos and videos using search filters in the Photos app on iPhone and iPad

The Photos app has a good search function to find the specific photos and videos you want. But when you are inside an album, this search option is not very useful. In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 (a detailed look at new features), Apple implemented filtering functionality for this app.

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With filters in Photos, you can narrow down the number of items you see by media type, or if they have been edited or added to favorites. You can use filters on pre-made collections, shared albums, and albums that you create. Here’s how to use filters in Photos on iPhone and iPad.

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What is it for?

The filtering feature in Photos can come in handy in many situations. In large albums that contain many elements, you can filter and leave, for example, only videos for display. Or in a folder “Recent” you can only view the items you have edited.

Did you like the appearance of filters in Photos? Let us know in the comments if you find this feature useful for yourself and whether you will use it.

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In which sections of the “Photos” application you can filter images

The easiest way to find out if you can use a filter at a specific location in Photos is to simply check for the option. But to help you out, we’ll show you where you can apply filters.

You can use filters in albums “Places”, Favorites and “Recent”, and also in each folder “Types of Media”, “Shared Albums” and “My albums”… Also, you can apply a filter to your search results when searching for a photo or video.

Basically, the only sections in Photos where you can’t use filters are: tab “For you” and albums “People” and “Recently Deleted”

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Types of search filters in the Photos app

There are four filters you can use depending on your location in “Photo”… These include “Chosen”, “Modified”, “Photo” and “Video”

This must be taken into account, because the filter parameters will vary depending on the place of its application. For example, if you are viewing the section “Chosen”, then element “Chosen” obviously not among the filter options. And if you are in the folder “Types of media”you will only see “Modified” and “Chosen” as filter parameters.

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How to use search filters in the Photos app

Now that you have an understanding of the basics of working with filters, it’s time to use them. Select in “Photo” the collection or album to which you want to apply the filter. Then follow these steps.

1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the window.

2. Select “Filter”

how to sort photos and videos using search filters

3. Select the type or types of filters and note that you can apply more than one filter at a time to narrow down the search results as needed. Click on the desired item to select or deselect it.

4. Click “Done”

how to sort photos and videos using search filters

When you get the results of the filter, you will also see below the cardinality it found and the type of filter you applied.

To go to the default filtering options, click on the button that appears “Change filter”, and select “All objects”

how to sort photos and videos using search filters

Note. In addition to removing a filter, you can use this process to modify the filter by adding new types to it or removing old ones.

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