New in iOS 14: How to quickly search for the right emoji emoticons on iPhone by name

In iOS 14 (a detailed overview of new features), a convenient emoticon search option has appeared, which has long been included in the Mac operating system. But this tool does not work on the iPadOS, as it uses a different approach.

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Find emoticons on iPhone and iPod touch

When using the soft keyboard on your iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 14, click the emoticon button and you will see a new search box. It will appear above the keyboard. With it, you can search for emoticons that are most suitable for you by entering frequently used words or phrases, such as “mitt”, “heart” or “banana”.

Search Emoji Emoticons

As you enter the keyword, a scrollable visual list of the corresponding emoticons for selection will be formed. This will happen at a place where auto-replace options are usually offered. Click on the emoticon that matches your request to immediately insert it into the application you use.

To close the emoticon search, tap “x»On the right side of the text box.

Search Emoji Emoticons

If you estimate the number of emoticons available on iOS, then it is clearly inferior to the palette available on macOS. Yes, and on iOS you can not assign emojis to your loved ones. But at least people who rarely use emoji or have vision problems will not need to enlarge the image on the screen just for the sake of choosing a tiny character from a seemingly endless list.

Using a macOS virtual keyboard with emoji

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Inaccessibility on iPad

On the official Apple webpage with a preliminary introduction to the iPadOS, you can see that there are no anywhere to find emoticons on the iPad. The manufacturer can theoretically justify this by the fact that users should not have problems finding the right elements on the tablet’s big screen anyway. And this has its own logic.

Nevertheless, although there are more scrollable emoticons on the Apple Emoji keyboard than on the iPhone, it remains a fact that it is impossible to find emojis in iPadOS simply by its name.

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iPad gets a menu with emoticons in the on-screen keyboard

At the same time, iPad users can use the new on-screen keyboard with emoji in iPadOS 14. However, it is only available when an external keyboard is connected to the tablet. Just click on the keyboard symbol on the toolbar for editing text and AutoCorrect located at the bottom of the screen, and then select the emoticon icon on the pop-up menu. This will cause the pop-up menu with emoji to appear on iPadOS 14.

Emoticons on iPad

The menu allows you to scroll through the available categories and find the emoticons you need without the appearance of a full-sized keyboard with emoticons, which slightly interferes with the work. Selecting an element immediately leads to the disappearance of the entire palette of emoticons, which does not seem to be the best solution – you must call the menu several times if you want to find and enter several such characters at the same time.

Emoticons on iPad

If you think that access to this menu with emoji is too difficult, then you can try to compare this option with the one available on iPadOS 13 and earlier. There it was necessary to press a special key combination to instantly switch to the keyboard with emoji:

Control (^) + Space

Of course, all this only works when using an external keyboard with the iPad.

If you do not work with several languages, then in this way you could switch keyboards instantly. Using this method, use the up and down buttons to select a keyboard with emoji from a small pop-up menu or press the Space bar to cycle through the available installed keyboards. And on macOS, choosing a keyboard with emoji is directly tied to a key combination Control (^) + Command () + Space.

It is worth saying that the same key combination for iPadOS 13 works in iPadOS 14, which looks quite logical. There’s just one caveat: launching the emoji keyboard through the Control (^) + Space bar on the iPadOS brings up an intermediate window instead of the full-sized keyboard immediately appearing.

Again, the pop-up menu for emojis in iPadOS 14 is only available when using a physical external keyboard with the tablet. When typing on the on-screen keyboard in iPadOS 14, switching to a keyboard with emoji will result in the same full-size keyboard for emoticons as in iPadOS 13 and earlier.

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More emoticons in iOS and iPadOS 14

iOS and iPadOS 14 have noteworthy emoji options. So, in the Messages application, you can use emoji or memoji as an image for a group conversation, which is used by all members of the group. Similarly, the Reminders app allows you to personalize the look of your list using emojis.

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Learn more with Emoji

Emoji for emoticons and emoji is a kind of Wikipedia analogue. This site analyzes the emoticons available in different systems and shares available information about each of them. Such a collection of emojis is complete and comprehensive, however, the elements there may seem too many if you just need to quickly put a simple emoticon.

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Do you like these emoticon improvements?

Do you like the ability to search for emojis in iOS 14?

Previously, there was simply no way to find the right emoticons by entering names and words, how it works successfully on a Mac. But now in iOS 14, users finally got the long-awaited opportunity.

What about the emoticon pop-up on the iPad? A serious complaint to him is the disappearance after selecting an emoji, without waiting for the user to click outside the borders of the window. Tell us how you find the right emoji for yourself from the many possible options.

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