New in iOS 14: How to quickly navigate menus within apps

Apple is renowned for constantly delivering small and subtle features that can dramatically improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad. And iOS 14 introduces a hidden and unpublished gesture that lets you navigate apps and menus faster than ever.

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When you dig deep into the branched application menus or jump from page to page, it’s easy to lose sight of where you are. You can open another menu and do it over and over until you finally figure out your location. Also, when it comes to the Settings app, the search tool is only available on the home page. If you need to look at some other menu item, then you will not be able to go directly to it directly.

Let’s say you’re viewing the history of a specific location in the Auto Answer Calls menu and want to go back to the beginning to check for software updates or enable some accessibility features. You will have to walk along the way Auto answer calls → Sound source → Touch → Universal access → Settingsby pressing the Back button in the upper left corner or swiping to the right from the left edge of the screen. You have to do at least five swipes or touches to return to the main settings page. Is it convenient? Perhaps not very much.

How to quickly navigate menus within apps

With the release of iOS 14, Apple has made it easy to navigate back to a specific page, and this applies to almost all of the company’s apps, but also works in many third-party apps. While deep in the application, press and hold the “»In the upper left corner (the button may have a different name). A small pop-up directory menu appears with all the pages in the history of the current navigation path. This list is built up in reverse order and shows the current location — each page or item in the navigation sequence.

How to quickly navigate within apps

Instead of tapping or scrolling back through the menu several times, tapping the screen several times, keep your finger on the button and go directly to the page you need. Now release your finger. You will find yourself in the right place.

This trick is not limited to the Settings app alone. You will see a list of menus to return to in apps such as the App Store, Books, Calendar, Clock, Contacts, FaceTime, Files, Keynote, Mail, Music, Notes, Numbers, Pages, Phone, Photos, Podcasts, and Safari.

How to quickly navigate within apps

How to quickly navigate within apps

Third-party apps can also get this feature through the UIMenu container, so you may soon see a similar menu in the navigation bar in some of the more commonly used apps.

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