New in iOS 14: How to Mention a User in an iMessage Chat on iPhone and iPad

Group chats can be a great way to communicate in “IMessage” on iOS. This can be useful for a team of colleagues working on a project or a group of friends making plans for the weekend. And improvements in the application “Messages” iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 made group chats better than ever.

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One new feature that you will definitely appreciate is mentions. Just like you mention someone on social media or in a team communications app, you can use that in iMessage too. It draws the selected person’s attention to your particular message, and the opposite is true when someone mentions you.

Here’s how to use the mention feature in “Messages” on iPhone and iPad.

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Mention a user in an iMessage chat

If you want to attract the attention of a member of your group, you just need to enter his name with or without the @ symbol in front of him in your message.

This person’s name will turn gray in the body of your message. When you see this, click on that name and you will see a pop-up icon with a picture of that contact. If there are several people in the chat with the same name, then the corresponding list of users will appear. Select the required user and you will see a nice animation and the person’s name will turn blue in the text of your message.

How to Mention a User in an iMessage Chat on iPhone and iPad

That’s all! You have created a mention.

How to Mention a User in an iMessage Chat on iPhone and iPad

When someone in your group follows this process to mention you, your name will be highlighted in the conversation, making it easy to identify and respond to text directed to you.

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How to enable mention notifications in iMessage

If you have multiple group conversations in “Messages” or a conversation that involves a large group of people, it can be difficult to maintain a conversation with them. Mentions will definitely make this communication easier.

In addition to making your name stand out in conversation, you can set up notifications for when you are mentioned. This saves you the trouble of re-checking the conversation for messages that concern you.

Open up “Settings” and select application options “Messages”… Then set the switch “Notify me” in section “Mentions” into position Included

How to Mention a User in an iMessage Chat on iPhone and iPad

In the description below this parameter, you may notice that you will receive alerts even if the audio for this conversation is muted. This allows you to hide alerts for a group conversation, but still receive notifications when you need to respond. A useful feature, isn’t it?

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You may need to enter several messages in this way to get used to the mentioned function or to remember that it is. But once you do that, it will probably come in handy for you when you have multiple group chats at the same time. “Messages”

Do you think mentions are a good addition to the application “Messages”? How often do you plan to use this feature?

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