New in iOS 14: How to Hide Individual Apps from the iPhone Home Screen

iOS 14 (a detailed overview of new features) makes it easy to get rid of clutter on the home screen by hiding entire pages of applications from view. But you also have the option to hide the icon for a specific application, rather than the entire home screen page. Read our article on how to hide or show individual iPhone apps from the home screen without deleting them.

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To be able to hide and show individual apps on the Home screen, you need an iPhone or iPod touch that is compatible with iOS 14. Unfortunately, this feature is not currently supported on iPad.

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How to hide apps on the home screen on iPhone

Follow these steps to remove a specific app icon from the home screen of your iPhone or iPod touch.

1. Press and hold the icon of the desired application until the context menu appears.

2. Select the option “Delete application“.

How to hide apps on the home screen on iPhone

3. Select the option “Move to Application Library»When confirming the operation.

How to hide apps on the home screen on iPhone

5. The selected application will instantly disappear from the main screen.

Please note that doing this will simply hide the application, freeing up space on the home screen. But the program itself will not be removed from the device. Whether a particular app is shown on your home screen or not, you can always open it with Siri, find it with a system-wide search function, or access it with a little help from an alphabetical listing in your app library.

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How to display an app on the home screen on iPhone

To return a hidden app to the home screen, swipe left until you reach the app library at the end of the home screen pages. You can now drag an app directly from one of the app library folders to your home screen. Or press and hold your finger on the application and in the context menu that appears, select the option Go home screen

How to hide apps on the home screen on iPhone

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