New in iOS 14: Apple Watch Sleep Tracking: How to Enable and Use

For excellent health and well-being, sleep is necessary, everyone knows this. However, how do you know if you are sleeping well and long enough? Smartwatches like Amazfit do a great job at this, but what about the Apple Watch?

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With the release of iOS 14 and watchOS 7, Apple has finally introduced its own sleep tracking tool. Using Apple Watch, it can track how long you sleep each night. This will make it easier for the wearer to improve their bedtime habits through bedtime reminders and a relaxation process.

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How to enable sleep tracking on Apple Watch

From iOS 14 in the app “Health” a section appeared on the iPhone Sleep, and on the Apple Watch – the application of the same name. When you start the application for the first time “Health” after installing the update, the user will be prompted to activate sleep tracking.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

Later, you can enable this function in the application “Health” on iPhone (tab View → section Sleep) Or in the application Sleep on Apple Watch.

For quality sleep tracking, you need to configure 4 main parameters of the function Sleep, among which: Sleep Schedule, Sleeping mode, Rest period and Sleep tracking on Apple Watch… Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

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Sleep Schedule

Here you can customize your expected sleep schedule by specifying the time you want to be in that state each night, as well as your desired sleep and wake goals.

The first step in setting up a schedule is to set a sleep goal that allows the app “Health” on iPhone and Sleep on Apple Watch, recommend bedtime and set an alarm. The app also lets you know if you have met your sleep goals overnight.

To create a schedule, you must specify the desired time to go to bed and the time when you want to wake up. Depending on the sleep goal set in the previous step, the application “Health” will tell you if the set interval provides adequate and healthy sleep.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

You can use the same sleep schedule for each day, or choose a separate schedule for different days of the week. For example, set one schedule for weekdays and use a different one for weekends.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

Sleep Schedule allows you to enable or disable alarms, and customize sound and haptic feedback. If you use Apple Watch on your wrist to track your sleep, then the alarm will go off on the watch, not on the iPhone. You can configure sleep schedule settings in the app “Health” or, more conveniently, in the application “Clock” in section “Alarm clock”

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

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Sleeping mode

Sleep mode is an optional mode that is used with the instrument Sleep Schedule… When this mode is on, the mode is automatically activated at the time selected for sleep. “Do not disturb”

Sleep mode can be set to turn on and off automatically according to a set sleep schedule, but you can also turn it on or off manually in Control Center (add a button Sleeping mode in Control Center, follow this instruction).

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

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Rest period

This function accompanies Sleep Schedule and Sleeping mode, being optional and additional.

Rest period Is the period of time spent preparing for sleep (preceding sleep). For example, 45 minutes during which the user is expected to fall asleep.

Activated function Rest period allows you to go to Sleeping mode even before bedtime, so that nothing distracts the person and does not prevent him from relaxing.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

As in Sleep mode, Rest period turns on the mode “Do not disturb”.

Besides, Rest period together with Quick commands allows you to automatically launch applications or functions that you might want to use before bed. For example, if you read before bedtime, Rest period may suggest launching an application for reading, if you make plans for tomorrow – Notes or Calendar will be launched, and if you just like to fall asleep to music – your favorite playlist will be turned on.

You can set the required commands when configuring the function Rest period

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

When Rest period is activated at the set time before the set bedtime, a screen appears on the iPhone screen showing the current time, a note about when to go to bed, and a link to the commands you have configured so that you can perform the desired actions before bedtime.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

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Sleep tracking on Apple Watch

Sleep tracking learns how long you sleep each night and wakes you up with a tactile signal on your Apple Watch when needed. Again, you can set up sleep tracking like iPhone in the app Healthand on Apple Watch via the app “Sleep”

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

When sleep tracking is on, the Apple Watch screen dims and locks according to a set sleep schedule so it won’t wake you up at night.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

Sleep data from Apple Watch can be viewed in the app “Health” on iPhone. If your sleep schedule is set to sleep and wake up times, all you have to do is make sure the watch is charged and ready to be on your wrist all night. Sleep tracking occurs automatically at night, while Apple Watch has battery power.

The Sleep app on Apple Watch‌ also lets you view a summary Sleep schedules, notify you about settings Rest period and sleep time, as well as display some of the sleep tracking data available in the app “Health”

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Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

When you wake up in the morning, your set alarm goes off on either your iPhone or Apple Watch. But the iPhone also displays a message “Good morning” with time and weather forecast.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

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Sleep Tracking Setup Summary

If you’ve followed the setup process in the Health app, at the end iPhone will give you a short listing of all the settings you use.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

If you wish, you can make the necessary changes in the section “Sleep” applications “Health”

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

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Third-party sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch

Sleep data can also be provided by third-party sleep tracking apps on iPhone and Apple Watch. The most popular sleep trackers for Apple Watch:

Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

Pillow sleep tracker

AutoSleep: Sleep Tracker

Sleepiest Sleep Sounds & Music

Sleep ++

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Viewing sleep data

Sleep data collected by Apple Watch can be viewed under “Sleep” applications “Health” on iPhone. application “Health” displays data by week or month, allowing you to see sleep changes over time.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

Apple Watch collects data about sleep duration, time in bed, and heart rate, but it doesn’t provide additional data. Some of the other fitness tracker apps mentioned above provide more detailed sleep phase information, but Apple Watch sleep tracking doesn’t.

The Sleep section of the Health app provides graphs of sleep duration, heart rate during sleep, and basic indicators for the week, month, and year. It also shows the average sleep time over the last week and a graph of sleep stability over time.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

Along with this data, Apple offers informative articles that iPhone users can use to improve their sleep: Why Sleep Is So Important and “How good to get enough sleep at night” with tips and information about sleep.

Track (track) sleep on Apple Watch

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How much sleep tracking is draining your Apple Watch battery

Unfortunately, the sleep tracking feature has an impact on Apple Watch battery life. Expect your sleep tracking watch to consume 15-30 percent of its battery power overnight.

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