Mouse not working on Mac (macOS), how to control the cursor from the keyboard

Sometimes when working with documents, editing videos or creating 3D projects, it becomes necessary to move objects with pharmaceutical precision. MacOS has a very useful feature “Universal access», Which allows you to customize the mouse pointer control using the Mac keyboard.

The short instruction below will tell you how to enable the “Control keys»And move the cursor using the numeric or conventional keyboard.

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How to enable the “Control Keys” functionality

1… Press combination ⌥Option (Alt) + Command (⌘) + F5 to call the window “Accessibility Commands“.

How to enable the

In older versions of macOS, the window Accessibility options looked different:

How to control the mouse cursor from the keyboard

Prompt: On a Mac with the Touch Bar, the “Universal access»Called up by triple-clicking on Touch ID.

2… In the appeared window “Universal access“Check the box next to the”Enable control keys“.

3… Click “Done»To close the window and save the changes.

4… With the help of additional options, you can adjust the parameters of the function to your liking. To do this, follow the path System Preferences → Accessibility → Pointer Control (Other Controls tab).

How to enable the

Check the box next to Enable control keys… Then go to the menu “Options”

How to enable the

In older versions of macOS, the path is slightly different: “System settings“→”Universal access“→”Mouse and trackpad“.

First select the option “Mouse and trackpad“In the left column, then open the menu”Options“Next to the option”Enable control keys“.

How to control the mouse cursor from the keyboard

Now you can configure advanced options:

and) Use keyboard to switch mouse buttons – check the box “Press Option key five times to enable / disable control keysif you want to enable and disable mouse buttons by clicking on ⌥Option (Alt)

How to enable the

b) Disable trackpad (if present) – if you want to disable the trackpad on Mac when the “Control keys“, Check the box next to the option”Disable Mac trackpad when using control keys

in) Initial delay – set the speed of the pointer’s reaction to pressing a key.

d) Maximum speed – set the maximum speed of the pointer movement.

five… Press on “OK“To close the window and exit the”System settings“.

Important: with enabled functionality “Control keys»You cannot use the keypad and number pad to enter letters, numbers or symbols, as the keyboard will be used to control the cursor. To restore the possibility of alphanumeric input, disable the “Control keys“.

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How to use the Control Keys functionality

In addition to moving the cursor up, down, right, left, and diagonally in all directions, the Mac keyboard can also be used to simulate clicks, clicking and holding down a mouse button.

How to control the mouse pointer with the Mac keyboard (macOS)

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How to control the mouse cursor from the keyboard

Move cursor

  • On the numeric keypad: keys 7, 8, 9, 4, 6, 1, 2, 3.
  • On a conventional keyboard: buttons 7, 8, 9, U, O, J, K, L.

Mouse click

  • On the numeric keypad: button 5.
  • On a regular keyboard: press I.

Hold the mouse button

  • On the numeric keypad: press 0 (zero).
  • On a regular keyboard: press M.

Release mouse button

  • On the numeric keypad: press “.” (point).
  • On a regular keyboard: press “.” (point).

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