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The combination of luck and cynical calculation, talent and the ability to use the status of a protege, business intuition, painstaking work, forming a personality – formulating the secret of successful people in a few sentences is quite difficult. But you can leave them to describe the milestones on the path to wealth and triumph.

“Success is a crappy teacher. It provokes sensible people to reason that they cannot lose. ” Bill Gates.

David koch

“You know, if you manage to overcome cancer, all other tasks immediately become nonsense.” David Koch

Robson walton

“My father taught me that constant self-development and experimentation are the most important things in life. This is what you should always adhere to – try to learn something new. ” Robson Walton.

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George Soros

“After the understanding comes that mistakes in judgment and assessment of the environment are part of the human being, being misplaced ceases to be something shameful. Provided that there is an opportunity to improve. ” George Soros.

Lauren Powell Jobs

“Living in order to do what you want, leaving your mark – if you believe in the importance and rightness of your choice is the best way to live the right life.” Lauren Powell Jobs, Steve’s widow.

Tadashi Yanai

“For me, America is a country in which, if you have something to offer the world, success is guaranteed.” Tadashi Yanai.

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Lee Kadashin

“Vision is perhaps our main strength. Imagination and representation is that living power that has helped ensure the continuity of wisdom through the ages and gives us a chance to see the future. And even look into the unknown. ” Lee KaShing.

Leonardo Del Vechio

“I don’t like to pay taxes. But I prefer to sleep with a clear conscience. ”Leonardo Del Vechio.

Tim Cook CEO Rating

“If you are changing the world, you are working on important things. And inspiration awakens you in the morning. ” Larry Page

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Karl Aikan

“I prefer to enjoy a good hunt than a cozy life after a glorious victory.” Karl Aikan.

Norm Betts / Bloomberg News

“Strive for the community of those who are superior to you. Be guided by such people as guiding beacons and then you will drift in the right direction. ” Warren Buffett.

Phil Knight

“There is an unshakable conflict between your business and your life, the eternal struggle of chaos and peace. It’s impossible to choose one side, but you still have a chance to use the influence of each to find the key to success. ” Phil Knight.

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jeff bezos amazon

“Like other restrictions, thrift is the driving force behind innovation. If you are limited by the walls of a hard box, you have to create your way out. ” Jeff Bezos.

Mukesh Ambani

“In a sense, our struggle cannot have an end, since we never get absolutely everything that we want. And life taught me that giving up right away is very stupid, since almost nothing is possible on the first attempt. ” Mukesh Ambani.

Alice Walton

“One of my most important responsibilities is to manage my assets wisely. So that they generate new values. ” Alice Walton.

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Wang Jianlin

“Do not link your personal interests with the development of your business structure.” Wang Jianlin.

Charlie ergen

“When you get acquainted with something new, you have two options: to master and lead this innovation or to become its fast, active follower. Otherwise, you will be a copycat, weaving in the tail of the trend. ” Charlie Ergen

13 ideas, billionaires

“The biggest risk is being afraid to take risks. In a world that is changing so rapidly, there is only one strategy for guaranteed failure: do not take risks. ” Mark Zuckerberg.

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Bernard Arnault

“Speaking from the position of manager, you must be able to look at the situation through the eyes of the performers, to engage in dialogue with creative forces.” Bernard Arnault.

Steve Ballmer

“The credo of the success of great companies is that they start with great leaders.” Steve Ballmer

13 ideas, billionaires

“I have all the flaws needed to succeed.” Larry Allison

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Sergey Brin

“Of course, everyone wants to be successful. In addition, I want to look back and see how my innovations changed the world, without sliding into obscurantism and cynicism. ” Sergey Brin.

Michael Bloomberg

“And because it doesn’t matter who you are, if you firmly believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be open to you.” Michael Bloomberg

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Jack ma

“Help the young ones. Help the insignificant people. Because they will grow and become large figures. And those seeds that you sowed in them then, then will help them change this world. ” Jack Ma

Jorge Paulo Lehmann

“Three short years spent at Harvard, among excellent people, taught me not only the art of choosing partners. I also realized that I can develop this skill – if you interact a lot with the best, then you begin to orientate yourself perfectly in frames. ” Jorge Paulo Lehmann.

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