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Ministry of Health: Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to five days, infectiousness is significantly reduced after three hours

March 26, 18:15

Tsey material also available in Ukrainian

Ministry of Health: Specific deadlines depend on surface type and environmental conditions

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported that coronaviruses can live on surfaces for up to five days, but the infectiousness of the virus is significantly reduced after three hours.

Chronicles of coronavirus. Ostanni new

Everything about the Coronavirus policy in quarantine in Ukraine

Nadsilaєmo schodenno about 08:00

The exact timing depends on the type of surface, temperature and humidity of the environment. Therefore, it is important to disinfect contact surfaces in common areas – door handles, railings, drain tank buttons, elevator buttons, crane handles etc.“, – said the Center for Public Health of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Health recommended using ordinary household disinfectants with 0.5% chlorine, or 60–80% alcohol for disinfection, in compliance with safety rules.

Clothes and linen can be washed with powder in a machine at the highest possible temperature and thoroughly dried. ”

On March 25, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to extend quarantine in Ukraine until April 24, and the emergency regime is now introduced throughout the country.

According to official data from the Ministry of Health, as of 10:00 on Thursday, March 26, 156 cases of coronavirus infection were laboratory confirmed in Ukraine.

On March 26, six more cases of coronavirus were registered in Kiev.×150/5d3614b00ac14ebc9d0d2fc15975f998.jpeg

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