Mail on Mac: How to disable automatic download of attachments

The happy owners of the brand new “poppies” probably noticed that when setting up the computer, the application “Post office” downloads from the mail service (for example, from Gmail) not only emails, but also all attachments.

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This is not always convenient, since files attached to letters over the years can occupy invaluable gigabytes of memory, and storing them locally does not make sense. Fortunately, you can make “Post office” On Mac, I didn’t download attachments or downloaded only recent ones.

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How to disable automatic download of attachments in the Mail app on Mac

1. Open the application “Post office”.

2. From the menu, select “Post office”“Settings” and go to the tab “Accounts”.

3. In the sidebar, select the account for which you want to disable downloading attachments.

Find an option “Download attachments” and select “Recent”. In this case, only files received in the last 15 months will be downloaded. If you choose “All”, “Post office” will download all attachments. To disable downloading, select “Not”. Of course, you will still receive emails with attachments, and these files will be displayed in the application. However, if you choose “Not”, they will not be automatically saved locally on the computer.

How to disable automatic download of attachments in the Mail app on Mac

In case you need to remove old downloads (attachments) from Mail on Mac, use this instruction.

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