Mac fonts (macOS): where to download, how to add (install) and remove

The average user is quite satisfied with the standard set of fonts for Mac. But what if you are a marketer or designer and you regularly need to select a new font for your next project? Fortunately, macOS today has enough tools to easily install and use third-party fonts.

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Where can I get fonts for Mac?

There are a lot of sources on the Internet – you can easily find both free and specialized design ones, and even get the opportunity to create your own font. Type in a search engine “Fonts for mac” or “Fonts for Mac” and choose.

Mac Fonts (macOS)

Make sure the downloaded font is supported by macOS. You need a solution in the form “.ttf “ (aka TrueType) or “.Otf” (OpenType).

Mac Fonts (macOS)

Don’t forget about security – download fonts only from trusted and trusted sources.

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How to add a font on Mac

1. Open the Finder application (by clicking on the branded “smile” icon or through a search query in Spotlight) and find the downloaded font.

2. Launch the font (just like opening a regular file or program), after which the Fonts program window will open – this is a relatively recent development by Apple for more convenient work with fonts. In the window you will see the name and preview of the new font – a sample of writing letters and numbers. You can choose one or another type of font in the drop-down menu located at the top of the window.

3. Click on the Install font button in the lower right corner. The new font will be automatically added to Fonts and made available for use. In theory – in all applications on your Mac, but in practice this is not always the case (especially for older applications from Microsoft Word).

Mac Fonts (macOS)

Mac Fonts (macOS)

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How to install multiple fonts on Mac at once

To do this, you can use the installation option directly via Fonts

1. Open Finder, select Applications and find the program in the list Fonts… Alternatively, you can do this through Spotlight search (it will probably be even faster).

2. Select in the right column of the menu All fonts, click on the sign “a plus” in the upper left part of the window and add all the fonts downloaded earlier to the library.

Mac Fonts (macOS)

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How to check and remove fonts on Mac

If you really often work with fonts, you can delete unnecessary ones in the program (right-clicking on a font or collection – Delete) or form a collection of those fonts that you use most often (FileNew collection).

Mac Fonts (macOS)

And if there are problems with the font, you have the opportunity to validate it through the menu FileCheck font

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