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LG introduced the new InstaView ThinQ ™ range of ovens & review

The devices are equipped with various features and technologies: Air Fry, True Convection, InstaView, EasyClean ™, Self Clean ™ and ThinQ.
Using the Air Fry function, the hot air oven processes the dishes. Thus, less oil can be used. True Convection technology circulates hot air to make the dish juicy and cook evenly inside and out.
The InstaView function works like this: if you tap the glass panel twice, the internal backlight will turn on. You do not have to open the oven door to watch the dish.
Cleanliness inside the device helps maintain EasyClean ™ and Self Clean ™ features. Using the first one you can remove small food debris, and with the second you can remove solid food.
The devices in the line are synchronized with the LG ThinQ app. It can be installed on a smartphone. The application contains various step-by-step recipes. They are sent from the phone to the oven – and thus automatically adjusts the mode and temperature.
The technique can be connected to smart speakers through the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa assistants to control using voice commands.
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