Knock on iPhone cover – take a screenshot: how to attach actions to touching the back of the iPhone

As it turned out, not all of the interesting features in the new iOS 14 (a detailed overview of new features) were discussed at WWDC 2020. Apple added a new feature to the system Universal access, which allows the smartphone to perform quick actions, responding to tapping on the back of it.

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Function Touch back appeared in the Universal Access settings with the release of iOS 14. It can be used to create screenshots, instantly launch the Control Center, call Siri to launch quick commands, etc.

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What actions can be performed on the iPhone by tapping (touching) the back of the case?

Currently, there are 23 options, including: turn off the sound, show the Home screen, lock the screen, activate multitasking mode (application switch), increase / decrease the volume, open the Control Center or the Notification Center, call Siri, take a screenshot of the screen, etc. .d.

In addition, the function Touch back works with user-created quick commands. The function makes it possible to assign one of two options for touching the case to trigger the assigned action. Both double and triple touches are available, and they can be used at any time, but only on an unlocked iPhone.

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How to attach various actions to tapping the back of the iPhone in iOS 14

1. Launch the application Settings.

2. Go to the section Universal access.

3. Select a menu Touch.

Touch back (activating the touch detection function on the back of the iPhone)

4. Click on Touch back and select an action to double or triple touch the back of the iPhone.

Touch back (activating the touch detection function on the back of the iPhone)

Touch back (activating the touch detection function on the back of the iPhone)

In addition to the function Touch back, iOS 14 includes other universal access options, such as detecting sign language in FaceTime calls and Customizing your headphones. iOS 14 is available in beta today for registered developers, and a public beta will be released soon.

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