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Kickstarter released a stupid Apple Watch strap with an AirPods mount

At Kickstarter, they began to raise money for the release of an AirBand strap for the Apple Watch with an AirPods mount.

At first glance, AirBand is no different from Apple’s silicone strap. However, there are two holes in it that insert AirPods.

The idea sounds pointless. AirPods has a compact charging case in which you need to store headphones. It is understood that he is always somewhere nearby.

When AirPods are attached to the watch strap, they do not charge, and the whole design looks ridiculous.

Project author Matt Youngblood believes AirBand can serve as a temporary cover for AirPods. It should be useful in situations where the AirPods case is at home or long to get it out of the bag.

However, the very idea of ​​AirBand is not something unique. Cheap silicone strap pads for AirPods fasteners have been selling on AliExpress for a long time.

To start production of AirBand you need $ 10 thousand. At the moment, Yangblad has raised $ 2159, until the campaign ends 42 days.

The first customers can buy AirBand for $ 20 or 1300 rubles. Delivery to Russia will cost $ 9 or 589 rubles. Production is scheduled to begin in April, straps will be sent in May. [The Verge]

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The idea was found on AliExpress.


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