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If you use the Terminal program on your Mac to run certain commands, you probably know how convenient it can be to use a keyboard shortcut. This greatly speeds up the work. Key combinations allow you to customize the window, go to tabs, and many commands for editing, searching for text and its selection. We will provide a rather large list of keyboard shortcuts that will help you work better with the “Terminal”.

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Terminal window and its tabs

Thanks to these keyboard shortcuts, you can navigate through the terminal and perform certain actions with the window itself and its tabs.

Open a new window: ⌘Cmd + N

Open a new window with the same command: Control + ⌘Cmd + N

Open a new tab: ⌘Cmd + T

Open a new tab with the same command: Control + ⌘Cmd + T

Show tab bar: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + T

Make tab preview: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + (backslash)

Show Inspector: ⌘Cmd + I (capital letter “i”)

The following window: ⌘Cmd + `(accent)

Previous window: ⌘Cmd + ⇧Shift + ~ (tilde)

Next tab: Control + tab

Previous tab: Control + ⇧Shift + Tab

Close tab: ⌘Cmd + W

Close other tabs: ⌥Option (Alt) + ⌘Cmd + W

Close a window: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + W

Close all windows: ⌥Option (Alt) + ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + W

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Window and tab navigation

Scrolling to the very top: ⌘Cmd + Home (Fn + Left Arrow)

Scrolling to the bottom: ⌘Cmd + End (Fn + right arrow)

Scrolling up a page: ⌘Cmd + Page Up (Fn + Up Arrow)

Scrolling down a page: ⌘Cmd + Page Down (Fn + Down Arrow)

Scroll up a line: ⌥Option (Alt) + ⌘Cmd + Page Up (Fn + Up Arrow)

Scroll down a line: ⌥Option (Alt) + ⌘Cmd + Page Down (Fn + down arrow)

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Work with the command line

This tool makes working with the command line even easier than with shortcuts.

New team: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + N

Move insertion point: ⌥Option (Alt) + cursor key

Move insertion point to beginning of line: Control + a

Move cursor to end of line: Control + e

Move cursor forward: right arrow

Move cursor back: left arrow

Move cursor one word forward: ⌥Option (Alt) + right arrow

Move cursor back one word: ⌥Option (Alt) + left arrow

Delete everything to the beginning of the line: Control + u

Delete everything to the end of the line: Control + k

Delete character: Delete

Delete the character to the right of the cursor: Fn + delete

Delete one word to the right of the cursor: ⌥Option (Alt) + D

Delete one word to the left of the cursor: Control + w

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Keyboard shortcuts for working with text

Highlight or find text in a terminal window using these keyboard shortcuts.

Choose a word: double click on the word

Select a text string: triple click on the line

Select file path or URL: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + double click on the file path or URL

Choose all: ⌘Cmd + A

Cut out: ⌘Cmd + X

Copy: ⌘Cmd + C

Paste: ⌘Cmd + V

To find: ⌘Cmd + F

Find the following item: ⌘Cmd + G

Find the previous item: ⌘Cmd + ⇧Shift + G

Find selected text: ⌘Cmd + E

Go to selected text: ⌘Cmd + J

Text Export: ⌘Cmd + S

Export selected text: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + S

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Bookmarking and Bookmarking

Highlight text, deselect, bookmark, clear and do more with these keyboard shortcuts.

Flag: ⌘Cmd + U

Bookmark: ⌥Option (Alt) + ⌘Cmd + U

Unmark: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + U

Mark line: ⌘Cmd + Return

Entering without a mark: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + Return

Insert bookmark: ⇧Shift + ⌘Cmd + M

Insert a bookmark with the name: ⌥Option (Alt) + Shift + ⌘Cmd + M

Go to next mark: ⌘Cmd + down arrow

Go to previous mark: ⌘Cmd + up arrow

Go to next bookmark: ⌥Option (Alt) + ⌘Cmd + Down Arrow

Go to previous bookmark: ⌥Option (Alt) + ⌘Cmd + Up Arrow

Clear to previous mark: ⌘Cmd + L

Clear to previous bookmark: ⌥Option (Alt) + ⌘Cmd + L

Clear to the very beginning: ⌘Cmd + K

We hope that these keyboard shortcuts for the terminal on your Mac will help you improve performance. But not only this program has limited hotkey capabilities. There are Mac combinations for Messaging and Notes. And how do you speed up your work on the computer? Do keyboard shortcuts help you?

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