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Is it possible to get infected through parcels from China? / HB

January 24, 14:01

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Parcels from China are safe for people, doctors say

The World Health Organization has not yet introduced restrictions on the movement of people and goods across borders due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

At the same time, given the outbreak of the coronavirus, the China Post has promised to pay special attention to the packages that pass through the office in Wuhan.

So far, doctors suggest that parcels from China do not pose a threat to people: there is no evidence that through them you can become infected with the 2019-nCoV coronavirus.

We can expect that the number of cases will grow in the near future. And in order to be better prepared for an emergency, each country has international health rules, according to which a country must report to WHO about any case, regardless of whether it is confirmed, ”the head of the WHO office in Ukraine told reporters Jarno Habicht.

According to the physician, now WHO does not recommend any prohibitions on the movement of citizens and goods across borders and for international trade. More information about this may appear after a closed meeting of the organization.

Now, cases of infection have been recorded outside of China – in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United States and Singapore.

After conducting a detailed genetic analysis of the virus and comparing it with the available genetic information about various viruses from different geographical locations and host species, the researchers concluded that 2019-nCoV appears to be a virus that was formed from a combination of bat coronavirus and another coronavirus of unknown origin.

The resulting virus has developed a mixture or recombination ”of a viral protein that recognizes and binds to receptors on host cells. This recognition is the key to the penetration of the virus into host cells, which can lead to infection. Finally, the team found evidence that 2019-nCoV probably inhabited snakes before being transmitted to humans.×150/346e9340e3ecf14e38704ad14b620626.jpeg

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