Is it easy to be a director: 10 real facts

Using Quora, Businessinsider journalists collected CEO comments about their difficult work lives.

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Many scars, few trophies


“Your job is always ungrateful, no matter what specifically you do as a leader. No matter how stormy financial and other markets, you must find words of motivation, persuasion for colleagues, subordinates and partners. Praise, reward for fruitful work, usually others have to, and personally you first of all take all the blows – be it legal collisions, the intrigues of competitors or just bad coincidences. “

Christopher Justis, Head of Marketing, Magnolia International.

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One performer for all roles

many hats

“I have a million hats to try on – every month or two I transform into a new employee, get used to his image, evaluate tasks, working conditions, etc. As a CEO, it’s my responsibility to take the time to find out if this hat is appropriate for our company, and if it really needs it. My time, not company time. And then, making sure that everything is correct, I pass the hat to a specific person and take on the next one. “

Lauren Kay, co-founder of Dating Ring and SmartSitting.

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The need to make tough decisions and take big risks

vw ceo

“Weighing the conditions, calculating the course of events, planning a strategy is the easiest part of a director’s job. But when serious players are involved with a lot of money behind them, making every decision turns into a very tense process. It’s always difficult and dangerous, no matter how confident you are in your calculations. “

Usman Majid, startup founder.

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Unpredictability in everything

its unpredictable

“There is no, there cannot be a“ school of CEOs ”, a universal skill, a guaranteed winning strategy or an accurate roadmap for a leader with a capital letter. Every day, every deal, every action and your decisions in this position are unique. And if you think that you can predict tomorrow – it’s time to stop being cunning with yourself. “

Justin Spratt, philanthropist, investor, and IT business consultant.

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Ability to delegate authority

Jobs finger

“Such a situation is not uncommon – in a good desire to control, to be responsible for everything and everyone, the general director closes all the issues related to decision-making. And it becomes a bottleneck, a barrier on the way of the company’s activities, since it is unable to cope with such a volume of work. Learn to delegate authority to subordinates, personally focusing on solving only the main tasks. Put your trust in specialists, instead of persistently continuing to pretend to be a stick in wheels. “

Owren Hoffman, ex-director of LiveRamp.

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Respect to be earned in spite of

“The leader is constantly fighting to be recognized as such by others. So you made your way to the top, took this place – but each of your subordinates has their own opinion about how the CEO should act in a particular situation. You need to be able to listen to them, but make a decision on your own, and then force not only to carry it out, but also to convey the message to each member of the team, lowering the order from top to bottom. Whether there are 30 or all 30,000 people in an organization – even in spite of their own position. “

Richard Russell, CEO of a number of startups.

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The ability to really count money

To count money

“It may sound strange, but very few executives are really able to match their assets to business development plans. Although sometimes it’s easier not to be smart, but just to look at the state of the bank account ”.

Rob Hill, Alternative Therapy Specialist.

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Ability to form a corporate culture

Corporate culture

“… Where there is no enlightenment, the fires of the Inquisition burn or a barbarian camp is carousing. Formation of a healthy, correct business culture is one of the most difficult tasks assigned to the CEO ”.

Shelley Steigavold, marketer, analyst, startup and brand launch specialist.

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Not a huckster, but a seller in spirit and essence

successful IT businessmen

“Selling does not mean exchanging something for material values, the art of a real seller in the ability to conclude a deal. Convince the opposite side to accept your conditions, to fulfill your task, whether it is launching a new product on the market, hiring qualified personnel, or even transferring a business to investors. I was happy to accept job offers, although I had no idea what I would do in this team – such was the talent of its leader ”

Author unknown.

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Have to become a very smart speaker

Steve Ballmer

“You conduct a business meeting, usually without knowing detailed information about everyone present at it. Your task is to conclude a deal without wasting energy on such research. Convince, get support, clarify details, get things done without compromising any of our core beliefs. “

Dominic Tyler-Lovett, HR Specialist, Crisis Manager.

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A tech-savvy boss is more efficient

Tim Cook in China

“You can have a deputy for information technology or a chief of technical service who are doing an excellent job, but this is not a reason to abstract from studying the hardware. A bad leader is the one who cannot understand and correct the choice of subordinates when looking for a specific solution for the current situation. “

Altamash Jivani, software developer and quality control specialist.

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