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Insert text on a Mac without formatting (source style)

It often happens that when copying some information from the browser to any application on macOS, not only the source text we want to operate with is inserted, but also the formatting style. This is wildly annoying, because it is necessary to take additional measures to fit the data to a single view.

In this article we will tell you how usually using a combination Command (⌘) + V receive text immediately in the standard format used in the current application.

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How to embed text on a Mac without preserving formatting (source style)

In fact, there is a keyboard shortcut that allows you to insert text without preserving the formatting style – Command (⌘) + ⌥ Option (Alt) + Shift (⇧) + V. Remembering such a combination is not difficult, but pressing it on the keyboard is extremely inconvenient.

If you often need to copy and paste text without saving formatting, then the easiest way, of course, is to use a special application. About it below.

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How to insert text without formatting using the PlainTextMenu utility

If you do not want to bother with the system settings, then there is a simple alternative in the face of a simple utility PlainTextMenu. It automatically removes all unnecessary: ​​colors, fonts, styles, hyperlinks, underlines, images and other elements.

Utility settings are available from the menu bar.

How to insert text without formatting using the PlainTextMenu utility

The only drawback of the utility is payment (75 rubles).

Download PlainTextMenu for Mac (Mac App Store)

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