In iOS 14, either the green or the orange indicator lights up at the top of the screen: what are they for?

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What does the appearance of a green and orange indicator in iOS 14 mean?

Displaying a small orange dot in the area of ​​the status bar at the top of the display indicates that some application uses an iPhone or iPad microphone. If the green dot lights up, the camera is used.

What does the appearance of a green and orange indicator in iOS 14 mean?

True, some users immediately accused Apple of inconsistency, since Siri is not accompanied by such a pointer. But such a decision still seems not erroneous, but thoughtful. Otherwise, an orange microphone would always be present, making the whole function meaningless. Do you remember that Siri is constantly running in the background and waiting for his magic phrase? But now users will be able to confirm their concerns or dispel them that popular applications like Instagram and Facebook are listening to our conversations.

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Why did Apple introduce such indicators?

In fact, it is no coincidence that Apple introduced these recording indicators on the iPhone and iPad. Thus, the manufacturer helps its users to get rid of existing fears. It’s no secret that rumors attribute modern smart devices the ability to follow the owners, recording voice and video. So there are cameras, microphones and device ports sealed with tape.

taped cameras, microphones and ports

Here’s what Apple vice president of software development Craig Federigi told:

I constantly receive emails from clients who are confident in tracking them of various popular applications. People say that as soon as they say something out loud, an announcement on the relevant topic immediately appears on the Internet. It seems that computers are eavesdropping on us and transmitting this information somewhere.

In fact, in most cases, such fears are groundless. We know that this is not happening. But users tend to trust their fears and rumors. To maintain peace of mind, a recording indicator was created that tells people if the application currently has access to a camera or microphone“.

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Attention to privacy in iOS 14

But this is not the only innovation to ensure privacy in iOS and iPadOS 14. For example, users can now share not a specific location (as before), but an approximate one.

Indication of approximate geolocation

Users note that the manufacturer also fixed the clipboard privacy issues that were previously reported. The company initially denied the problem, but iOS 14 introduced changes recommended by experts. Now the system will show a notification when the application or widget reads the clipboard. This is especially true if it contains a password or credit card information.

Another privacy-focused feature on iOS and iPadOS 14 is limited access to photos. If before the application could get or not full access to photos, now it has become possible to give access to a limited selection of items in the photo library.

IOS Photo Access Limitations

The company does not forget about improving the security and privacy of its other platforms, including some important changes that have appeared in HomeKit and other products.

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What do you think about privacy tools in iOS and iPadOS 14? Do you think that some applications really spy and eavesdrop on their users? Are new program indicators able to reassure you? Tell us in the comments about this.

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