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In Argentina, found the bones of a new species of dinosaur / HB

February 14, 08:06

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Tralkasaurus cuyi ate small herbivorous dinosaurs

A group of paleontologists discovered the remains of a new species of carnivorous dinosaur that inhabited the Argentinean Patagonia 90 million years ago.

The remains of this animal were discovered northwest of the Argentinean province of Rio Negro, scientists called a new species of dinosaur Tralkasaurus cuyi, the Argentine National Agency for Disclosure of Scientific Information reported. (CTyS).

The words Tralkasaurus means thunder reptile ”, where the first part of the word Tralkasaurus is thunder ”in the local Mapuche language, while Cuyi refers to the place where it was found, to the Kui Plateau.

Paleontologists found the upper jaw with several teeth, neck ribs, which could be fossilized tendons, part of the thigh and tail.

The body size of the trawlcaurus is smaller than that of the other carnivores in its group, the abelizaurs, because its length is about four meters, while previously known were from seven to eleven meters, ”said Dr. Federico Agnolin, researcher at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences .

it shows that a group of Abelizaurs has occupied a much wider ecological niche than previously thought, ”explained his colleague, Mauricio Cerroni.

Although the size of Tralkasaurus cuyi is very small compared to tyrannosaurs, this new dinosaur has the same properties as the most famous two-legged dinosaur. Most likely, the reptiles of the new species were similar to T-rexes: with a short neck, muscular, with four claws on each of the hind legs, while his forepaws were also very short in relation to the body, and the bones of his limbs were light and hollow.

This new discovery helps us determine the environmental habits of both carnivorous dinosaurs and herbivores, ”Cerroni said.

According to the researchers, it is possible that the thralcosaurus fed on small herbivorous dinosaurs known as iguanodonts, which were found nearby by the same team of paleontologists, as well as other species, such as turtles and lizards.×150/5b8da365be1f05c29f4f63d450e6e6f0.jpeg

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