I watched the movie Banker from Apple. I’m almost thrilled

I watched the movie Banker from Apple. I’m almost thrilled All Apple NEWS

This week, the Banker movie about racial restrictions in the USA in the middle of the last century was released in the streaming service Apple TV +. The main roles in it were played by Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Nicholas Holt.
The picture unexpectedly received high marks on the rottentomatoes portal and rather mediocre reviews on IMDB.
We decided to figure out who was right after all, watched the film and share our impressions.
Cinema could really become a masterpiece, but it was not enough for him. We tell you exactly what.
What is the movie about

The film is based on the true story of two African-American businessmen who opened a real estate agency in the 1950s. Intolerance towards blacks in the country forced businessmen to put a “white” leader at the head of the company. This led to completely unpredictable events.
It sounds like a worthy intriguing plot for a strong biographical dramatic thriller. But everything is not so smooth.
Ambiguous Heroes

First of all, it is about choosing the main role of Anthony Mackie and his hero. Too controversial character turned out. He is damn smart, stubborn and gives the impression that he will never yield to his own principles. In fact, the hero says one thing and does another, adapting to the circumstances.
Anthony is trying hard. Frowns, walks with a serious expression on his face, at the right moments even expresses anger and frustration. But personally, he still aroused the sensation of falsification of Mahershal Ali, who played a major role in the Oscar-winning Green Book.
His partner, Samuel L. Jackson, played … the typical Samuel Jackson. You sit straight and expect him to pronounce the crown motherf * cker. Of the word, we can not wait, but that’s typical “nigger” in the film will be a lot. Still, the plot revolves around racial segregation.

It is on this topic that the entire film is focused. In fact, the heroes are trying to solve this acutely social problem throughout history. And if the actions of Anthony Mackie are understandable and logical, based on his youth, then the actions of old Jackson raise questions. His motivation for actions and decisions is revealed rather weakly.
Most importantly, the two characters complement each other perfectly. Anthony Mackie is a mathematical business prodigy. Jackson is an optimistic, generous and wise partner. Curious tandem!
The most interesting character in the film is undoubtedly the hero of Nicholas Holt. His character is gradually developing, his actions are unpredictable, and the consequences are devastating.
Perhaps the moments in which the partners are demonstrated to “upgrade” the hero are the most vivid in the film. It is really interesting to watch how a character grows before our eyes in many areas of life. Especially considering what this leads to subsequently.
It would seem that the film is dedicated to Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie), a talented real estate specialist, and in fact, the hero of Holt in history becomes a much more significant character. Dissonance!
Everything is fine with the dynamics. Nearly

The film starts vigorously and does not slow down throughout the entire timing. It is interesting to watch, although there are very few tense moments.
It seems that if the script was given to the talented Aaron Sorkin, and a more experienced master was put in the director’s chair, we would get a masterpiece. For a couple, they could make some scenes more sharp and dramatic. And so the film did not have a spark of drama.
Another tangible minus of the film is clearly the soundtrack. An attempt to add ethnic musical motives rather “relaxed” the very scenes that should have made a strong impression.
Conclusion. Fit but not a masterpiece

As a result, the film was not enough a bit.
Here, a more charismatic actor for the main role is clearly needed. In our country, Anthony Maki is primarily known for his roles in the MARVEL comics and the role of Takeshi Kovacs in the second season of Modified Carbon. Absolutely not dramatic roles. Here you literally expect him to take off his glasses and go to wear a superhero costume.
And, of course, the more experienced screenwriter wasn’t enough. If everything is fine with the dialogs, then it was worth working on dramatic moments. They do not have the so-called emotional peak. Although, perhaps this is the fault of an unconvincing soundtrack.
Finally, the theme of the picture itself is not entirely clear to us. Therefore, the whole range of emotions that the viewer is experiencing overseas, we just can not feel. The cultural background is not enough for us.
Apple has entered the trending topic of tolerance and racial rhetoric. And the first step was pretty convincing. Much better than the first series released earlier. But, alas, far from the nomination for the Oscar.

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