I have an iPhone 11 Pro. Why do I miss Samsung?

I have an iPhone 11 Pro. Why do I miss Samsung? All Apple NEWS

It so happened that at some point I voluntarily abandoned the iPhone. Absolutely. I went over to the enemy camp of green robot lovers to thoroughly study what was going on there.

The last Android smartphone I had was the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. He put on a comfortable leather case and used it as the main and only smartphone for about six months.

I honestly tried to love Android, and I almost succeeded. Because now I enjoy using the iPhone 11 Pro, but occasionally miss some of the Samsung features that are missing from the Apple smartphone.

There will be no technical specifications, only a personal user experience.

Yes, than Samsung can be better than an iPhone?

I admit right away: all the time using Samsung, I felt uncomfortable. Most of all, I lacked Facetime for video calls and the convenient AirDrop for transferring files to a MacBook.

I even managed to synchronize the photo using Google Photos and scoring for possible leaks and privacy violations.

However, returning to the iPhone, I find myself thinking that at some points it would be nice to use Samsung chips. This applies more to software components, but there is one obvious physical difference between these smartphones, except for size. I’ll start with him.

The iPhone 11 Pro is smaller than the Galaxy S10 +. But it weighs much more

This is the biggest disappointment and sadness: compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, the largest smartphone in the Galaxy S10 line weighs almost nothing. Even in a leather case.

The weight of the iPhone Pro is 188 grams, and the weight of the Galaxy S10 + is only 157 grams.

And if you stick glass on an iPhone and put on a branded leather case on it, then in your pocket you will feel a weighty brick. And this is considering the fact that the Galaxy S10 + is larger in general and on the screen in particular.

This weight difference is one of the strongest impressions after the change of smartphones.

Samsung has Always-on-Display

How many times followers of Android smartphones have used this fact as an argument, proving the superiority of their smartphone over the iPhone. And with all my love for Apple, I really miss for this convenient feature.

Well, the truth is: you get used to it instantly on the screen that constantly displays time and other notifications. And periodically you look at the iPhone screen, out of habit after the Galaxy S10 +.

I sincerely believe that the Always-on-Display analogue should appear in future versions of iOS, and really look forward to it.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + can charge other gadgets wirelessly

This underestimated chip can help out a lot away from the outlet. Moreover, it is not you who can help out, but your friends, the haters of android smartphones, the proud owners of the latest generations of iPhones in their hands.

Personally, I had this case: we went with friends to the shopping center while we wandered there – iPhone XS sat right in front of one of the people in front of some important call. Having completely enjoyed humiliating requests to share a cable or an external battery, I just took out his Galaxy S10 + and attached it to the iPhone.

Since then, that person has never taunted my smartphone. It’s a pity that nothing can be charged from the iPhone 11 Pro. There is no such function.

On the Galaxy S10 +, you can password-protect any application. Yes, and the photo too

If I have almost no trust in Google Photos in terms of privacy, then I am completely calm for saving photos on the smartphone itself.

Samsung has a special protected folder, a kind of separate container for all kinds of files – from documents to photos and videos. It is password protected by all available methods, uses 128-bit encryption and is practically unbreakable.

Unlike iOS, in which the maximum that is possible is to transfer photos to the “hidden” category.

Parallax Wallpaper. Well fire

Everything is simple here. EXPECTATION:


Google Play has a ton of cool wallpapers with the effect of a three-dimensional image, you want paid (better), you want free (with ads).

I installed myself the first one that comes across, and still looks cool:

In general, I am completely satisfied with the iPhone 11 Pro, but maybe the only thing is that most of my friends and relatives have iPhones, and are we just used to talking in iMessage and FaceTime?

In any case, now I have my own list of Wishlist, which I will be glad to see in the same iOS 14.


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