I bought the legendary dbrand stickers instead of a cover on the iPhone. What did they surprise

I bought the legendary dbrand stickers instead of a cover on the iPhone. What did they surprise All Apple NEWS

Protective cases are reliable, but heavy. The weighty brick in your pocket or hand is annoying, and smartphones only grow in size. I do not look towards the iPhone 11, for example, because it is naked thicker than my seven in the case.

For such situations, there are vinyl skins: the case is safe, and the dimensions of the gadget are almost original. After sticking, I caught on my smart surprised looks from a marble iPhone.

Thought it was a custom case from the service.

I bought stickers for the iPhone 7 and AirPods Pro from dbrand, the ads of which I often saw on tech bloggers on YouTube.

I found strengths and weaknesses, but the main thing – it became clear whether it was worth steaming with the purchase and installation. Because the last one took a lot of effort.

In vinyl, any gadget is more compact and better protected than in a case

An important point for fans of reselling devices that do not want to worry about the safety and size of the case.

A cover always adds a minimum of 20% to thickness and weight. And poorly thought out all the time they collect dust and small particles, which in any case will leave micro-scratches on the back panel, on all cutouts of cameras and speakers.

With vinyl, the smartphone lies in your hand almost as if without protection. It is lightweight, plus there is a better grip: a print with a texture is not as slippery as glass or metal.

Due to the smooth plastic, the AirPods case almost always fell out of the pocket of the trousers. Now there is no problem.

Disposable skins, but cheaper

Cases bought for Aliexpress for 200-300 rubles, I began to fall apart after a maximum of two months. Good are expensive – from 3500 rubles. ad infinitum, but even then there may be problems.

The average price of good stickers is 600-1200 rubles, and a hundred bad ones. The difference will be in glue and stains, which will remain from the Chinese crafts. For example, here’s what happened to my old iPhone 5S:

Yellow spots – burn marks from poorly coated wood stickers

I was lucky to get a bad experience on the old device, so I’m no longer going to save on accessories for expensive devices.

Protective glasses – the only thing that is difficult to mess up, so only these exceptions are made.

Stickers have infinite customization potential.

If earlier you could choose the back panel only once on rare smartphones, then hands can be untied with stickers

Skin companies offer tons of options. The prints and textures of metal, wood, stone, leather resemble the custom Moto X of 2016. Only more practical, because you can change and are available for all popular models.

In other stores there are sticker designers: you upload photos, change the scale and position, get a personal design.

With covers there are fewer options, and their overall quality will not be better than ordered from China.

Stick – flour, if your hand is not full

I tried to make amends for nervousness several times, but without experience it’s difficult

I wrapped an iPhone in two hours, a case for AirPods in three. The girl from a rather detailed tutorial did everything deceptively simple.

The hardest thing is to make the joints invisible. This takes the most time and effort: either the corner will be pulled, then the bend is uneven, then the bubbles cannot be smoothed.

Perhaps we need to try more: I used to fiddle with safety glasses for a long time too.

The joints are both visible and noticeably tactile

Even in three hours I could not reduce the edges perfectly. Dbrand has good patterns: at first glance, the skin is perfect. But you turn a little – and the gap can be seen immediately. Especially if the body colors and stickers are contrasting.

And you still can’t make the surface smooth the first time. The edges on the bends will fold into an accordion. You can learn how to smooth it, but only after a long practice.

I often feel these bubbles and gaps. The case from the airpods does not feel solid, only the rough vinyl texture saves. On the iPhone, this is not so noticeable, because I touch less rounded corners due to the form factor.

The cover will save the display when it falls, the sticker – no

Most cases have sides, as in the photo above. It is safe with them, even if the screen is unprotected – the surface should be too uneven, which could reach the glass.

With vinyl, after the first fall, with a high probability, you need cook headstock to replace the display. There is simply nothing to protect there.

But glasses and films deprive the iPhone of aesthetics. It is more pleasant to touch a smooth, almost soft original glass than a tread with a cheap oleophobic coating on which fingers jump.

Therefore, they can take accurate risks, although I personally know people who need only the thickest bumpers. Just so as not to go for a new glass every three months.

Cost and delivery specifically from dbrand are adequate

Lucky to get stickers on the sale on black Friday. Official dbrand prices are:

• iPhone 7 – 630 rubles .;
• iPhone X and above – 830 rubles .;
• AirPods (any model) – 830 rubles.

The choice is not limited to iPhones, there are options for the Samsung Galaxy, Sony PlayStation, and you can even paste on Tesla Cybertruck.

Delivery when ordering from 1600 rubles. (these are two or three skins) make free and should last about 8-10 days. I had a bad case due to the holidays. It carried more than a month. At the end of the wait, he wrote in support, saying, where is the product – they sent a repeat order for free.

As a result, you choose between compactness and ease of replacement

I am delighted with how much the dimensions have not changed: when I took a photo for the article, the iPhone in the skin easily fit in an old case.

Already I want to change the marble print to black, but I killed a lot of energy on the sticker. Therefore, so far it looks like this. If you are used to not changing the cover for six months, then I advise you to try at least once vinyl.

The ideal option for me all early remains pure smart without everything – as Ive created it.

And when the design “out of the box” gets tired, with the stickers you make the device truly yours. And do not turn it into a weight.


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