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Huawei Sound X: Smart Wireless Speaker Developed Together With Deevialet

Huawei Introduces Sound X Smart Speaker for Immersive Music

Совместный продукт Huawei и Devialet отличается потрясающим компактным дизайном и полноценным глубоким звучанием

March 26, 2020. – During the global online presentation of new products, Huawei Consumer Business Group introduced the flagship Huawei P40, and with them Huawei Sound X wireless speaker, created in partnership with Devialet.

This wireless speaker, which combines first-class aesthetics and sophisticated workmanship, has received the iF Design Award 2020 for its stunning appearance. The Sound X speaker was also created with the idea of ​​facilitating interaction with other smart devices used by the listener.

A simple touch of your phone to Sound X starts playing audio files, providing a new level of emotional immersion in the music you love. Additional options available in the proprietary control panel of several devices in the EMUI 10.1 interface will make listening to audio files an experience that you can no longer refuse. This panel is equivalent to Apple’s AirPlay option when using the Huawei P40 smartphone to transfer audio files.

Uninterrupted sound from a joint product of Huawei and Devialet

Sound X, the fruit of the collaboration between Huawei and Devialet, was a response to a consumer request for products that guarantee first-class audio playback in a wider frequency range that accurately conveys the sound and spirit of the original studio or concert recording. Sound X uses the strengths of both technology heavyweights. The company Devialet is one of the three largest world manufacturers of audio equipment.

Huawei Sound X features patented Devialet SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) signal processing technology. The device also has the cult symmetrical Devialet Push-Push structure, which means high-quality music playback to the smallest detail, which is what music lovers pay attention to. SAM® provides an efficient compensation algorithm that adapts the outgoing signal to the specific characteristics of the speaker and minimizes sound distortion. The structure of the Push-Push provides a symmetrical arrangement of two powerful speakers, so their vibration of the backward wave cancel each other out. This means that even if the walls tremble with bass tones, the Sound X’s body remains motionless.

Award-winning design: joy for the ears and eyes

Huawei Sound X, recently awarded the iF Design Award, will be a decoration for any space. The main glossy part of the body is made using a modern non-conductive vacuum galvanic process to ensure high-quality signal transmission and reception. The bottom uses a seamless coating that further facilitates loss-free transmission.

The speaker contains two 60 W subwoofers, while it is compact, portable and convenient for everyday use.

Multi-device control panel: wireless lossless audio

Huawei Sound X plays audio over Wi-Fi. This process does not involve such strong data compression and reduces the possibility of delays in comparison with the transfer of audio files using Bluetooth technology. Wi-Fi technology is based on Huawei’s own development EMUI 10.1.

Using the control panel of several devices, similar to Apple’s AirPlay, you can transfer high-quality sound online or locally from Sound X to a Huawei smartphone. Go to the main menu of the smartphone, select Sound X to play any audio file from the device and enjoy high-quality sound.

The product has a built-in function of Huawei Share, which eliminates the need for users to establish a wireless or Bluetooth connection. To connect, simply click the NFC icon on the speaker of a smartphone that supports this technology, and surround sound will start playing without any delay. You can also answer a Sound X call. To do this, simply enable the one-touch call mode.

Sound X will appear in Europe in the early summer of 2020.

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