How to write any link using emoji emoticons

A few years ago, Facebook product designer George Kedenberg launched a service called Linkmoji, which allows you to transform any link into a set of emoticons that will lead the user to the desired page.

Linkmoji’s operating principle will seem familiar to those who have ever dealt with the Bitly link shortening service.

The link includes “http: //”, the sequence of emoticons, and the domain is “.ws”. For example, the address of Linkmoji itself is displayed as http: //www.🍕💩.ws (poop pizza). Our site, in turn, received the following link: http: //🦏🌈🥂😜🎩⚽🎤😉.🍕💩.ws

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How to write any link using emoji emoticons

If the option proposed by the site was not to your liking, you can use the link builder, where you can independently choose any emoji emoticons for the link. Here, for example, is the second version of the link to – http: //⌚💻📺💪🎬🍏.🍕💩.ws

How to write any link using emoji emoticons

Note that the number of characters in a link is strictly limited to seven characters. In addition, not all the most spectacular sequences may be available, as they are already used by other users.

Over the 3 years of existence Linkmoji has remained a fan project, without having received serious practical application. But this site is a great option for those who are already tired of boring links to Vkontakte profiles http: //👩🍻🍭🏀🗻🏳🍜🦊.🍕💩.ws, Twitter http: // 🥓🏀🥕👍🐫🏈🐸📺 .🍕💩.ws or a link to your favorite iOS application http: //🎩🍜🐓🍈🌂🦊🎤🍵.🍕💩.ws.

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