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Sometimes it happens that you worked fruitfully, saved a document, quit the program and … forgot where you saved an important file. Maybe you downloaded a file from the network and it disappeared, or you worked with a document more than a month ago and just don’t remember where it was located. Regardless of how you lost the file, there are several effective techniques for finding it, and in this material we will tell you how to do it.

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If you want to quickly find a file, then, first of all, you need to use the built-in macOS search (details about Spotlight). The Spotlight window can be invoked from the menu bar on the right (the magnifying glass icon) or by the keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) + Space (sometimes CTRL + Space). The list of results will be compiled not only from data located on the Mac, but also from Internet searches. All data will be displayed in the left side menu Spotlight, which is convenient to surf using the up and down keys or by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Refine your Spotlight search

By the way, if you scroll down the list, there will be an option to view all content in the Finder or on the Internet.

Spotlight Search on macOS

One of the biggest benefits of Spotlight is the ability to search for files in other applications. For example, it finds documents created inside the Ulysses app or notes in Evernote. Likewise, the mechanism swirls letters among mail and messages in iMessage.

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Search Finder

The easiest and perhaps the oldest way to find a file is to turn to Finder for help. To do this, open this application and enter the query of interest in the search bar located in the upper right corner.

Find Finder on macOS

By pressing the key Return (Enter), you will see a list of found files, and the search for text will be carried out inside documents as well. Well, if you want to see the result only among the file names, then you need to select the item “The name is combined with:“.

Find Finder on macOS

Find Finder on macOS

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Smart folders

Smart folders (in detail), which may be known to you from iTunes, will become an advanced way of searching for files according to specified criteria. Thanks to them, for example, you can find all files created in the last seven days, and so on.

In order to create them, open the menu in the Finder FileNew smart folder

Smart folders in macOS

A purple smart folder will appear in a new window, in which, by clicking on the button with the plus sign “+», You can add search criteria.

Smart folders in macOS

Smart folders in macOS

It is also possible to search for files through the Terminal, but this method is rather geeky, and it requires certain skills that go beyond even an advanced Mac user.

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