How to turn on the baby face filter in Snapchat (Snapchat)

Within just a few weeks, Snapchat was able to create two viral sensations at once. At first, users were very interested in the filter, which allows you to change the gender, and then shot a filter that turns a person into a child.

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This new feature, which allows you to change the user’s face, made him look like a two-year-old baby. At the same time, the main facial features of a person are preserved, it remains recognizable. The filter is an ingenious notion, but it has become an obsession for many. People use this Snapchat feature both on themselves and their loved ones. And here is how you can activate this filter in the application.

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Snapchat’s “kid’s” filter: all you need to know

What is a Kid’s Filter on Snapchat?

This is one of the new filters recently introduced in the Snapchat app. And if the others add a beard, glasses or cartoon elements to your face, then this one turns you into a child. The final quality depends on the program algorithm. The filter changes the adult features of the face and turns it into a child. A person has puffy cheeks, large eyes, general roundness, which makes his face pretty. Everyone is interested in what kind of child artificial intelligence can turn him into.

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How the Snapchat “Child” Filter Has Been Used Online

Like any virus filter, this one began its popularity with the fact that people began to upload their own recycled selfies to the Internet. And as soon as the wave was launched, everyone began to try on the filter on others, using photos and videos for this.

The most popular filter results applied to celebrities and fictional characters. Marvell heroes or characters from the Game of Thrones series look amazing in children’s guises.

How to Enable Baby Face Baby Face in SnapchatHow to Enable Baby Face Baby Face in Snapchat

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How to enable the “Child” filter in Snapchat

Are you interested in this opportunity to experiment with your face? Here’s how to make an unusual selfie by using a baby filter.

1. Open Snapchat and make sure its front camera is activated.

2. Position the face in the frame so that it fits completely there.

3. At the bottom of the screen, to the right of the shutter button, click on the icon for calling the filter gallery (icon with a smiley).

How to enable the

Now swipe left to find the baby filter. Scroll through the elements until the baby in the yellow hoodie appears in the circle in the middle.

How to enable the

Since the “baby face” filter is custom (it was created by someone from the Snapchat community), this icon may not be the default, use Search to add it. Click on the empty circle icon in the middle and in the top search bar enter Baby.How to enable the 4. This action will add a filter to the list of available ones. Now you can use it to take a selfie or record a video (click on the icon and hold). Once the picture is taken, it can be saved to a shared album, and then easily transferred to other platforms.

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How to use the “Child” filter on other people and celebrities

Using the rear camera and another screen or picture will allow you to apply this filter to another person. It could be your friend or celebrity. First you need to open someone else’s photo on your laptop or display it on any other screen.

Go to Snapchat and launch the camera there, switching to the rear camera. When the desired face appears in the lens, apply the “Baby” filter at the bottom of the screen. That’s all! Press the lens button to save the photo.


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