How to turn off notifications of new “Memories” on iPhone and iPad

Periodically, our iPhone or iPad may wake up or disturb the owner with a notification that a new one has appeared “Memory” in the application “A photo”… Usually, “Memory” is an automatically created collection of photos and videos dedicated to an event, place, person, etc.

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Starting with iOS 12 in the application “A photo»A new tab has appeared “For you”… In this section, photos and videos stored on iPhone or iPad are automatically combined into various thematic collections.

For you tab in the Photos application

In fact, the operating system itself, without any user involvement, creates a home video about past events: family holidays, vacations, travel. Apple has decided to anticipate user desires by creating the controversial feature “Memories“.

Not everyone is delighted with the idea of ​​collecting old photos from libraries with a device and creating a slideshow based on them.

For those who do not like the idea of ​​creating thematic collections by the device itself and, as a result, the appearance of appropriate notifications, you should learn about how to disable notifications about the appearance of a new one. “Memories”

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Turn off Memories notifications

1. Run the application “Settings” on iPhone or iPad.

2. Go to the section “Notifications”

3. From the list of applications, select “A photo”

How to turn off notifications of new

4. Click “Memories”

5. Flip the switch “Admitting notifications” into position “Turned off”

How to turn off notifications of new

It is important to understand that this method does not disable the application. “A photo” to create “Memories», But only prohibits the sending of relevant notifications.

Newly created collections can still be accessed in the “A photo“In the tab “For you”

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