How to take group photos on iPhone – tips from professionals

How to take group photos on iPhone – tips from professionals All Apple NEWS

A collective photo often has a rather important function – to capture a certain occasion or event, in which friends, colleagues, relatives gathered, and this picture can remain a subject of pride and memories for many years to them. Therefore, in such cases, it is not enough just to stand side by side, hold hands and press the button.

To make a good collective photo, it is not necessary to hire a professional photographer with expensive equipment. For ordinary cases, any modern smartphone equipped with a good camera, a little zeal and at least the minimum knowledge that you gain in this material will fit perfectly.

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1. Think over the composition

Surely you noticed that most of the group pictures are published on social networks by far not all those present on it. Someone frankly did not succeed, someone can hardly be seen in the background, and someone’s face was completely obscured by the neighbor’s hand. To avoid this, you need to think through the composition in advance and do not hesitate to arrange people according to their own ideas, and not the way they want to.

In this case, it is necessary to take several (and preferably a dozen or two) photos in order to subsequently choose a truly successful one. Yes, the somewhat protracted shooting process will inevitably cause discontent among some of those present, but the result is worth it.

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2. Pick a background

How to take group photos on iPhone

A common mistake found in many amateur photographs is the background, “eating up” part of the viewer’s attention. That is, an inexperienced photographer chooses a complex architectural ensemble as a place or, for example, a beautiful landscape with a lot of details, while the main object of the composition should be people.

The background for a collective photo should be somewhat monotonous and even boring, if this is a room, then it’s usually taken just against the walls, on the street the sky, lawn, field, pond, snow-capped mountain, etc. will be an ideal background.

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3. Add volume

How to take group photos on iPhone

A classic group photo with people who have built up a line (or several) has very little to do with a good shot. Such a composition rarely looks natural and is hardly capable of attracting attention to itself. If you are not shooting footballers before the match or soldiers before the oath, then it would be better to expand the perspective by placing people closer and further from the photographer, while not creating large gaps between them in horizontal projection.

In addition, you can use surrounding objects, for example, an open gate or a door in the background can further deepen the picture. Thus, you will achieve the volume of the composition.

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4. More dynamics and less space

How to take group photos on iPhone

In most cases, it would be better if the people in the photo are hugging, holding hands and creating as little empty space as possible. At the same time, professional photographers often ask models to communicate with each other during shooting to create an atmosphere of ease and naturalness.

How to take group photos on iPhone

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5. Seize the moment

How to take group photos on iPhone

Take pictures on the count of three, as is usually done, but at the same time start taking pictures already from the “one” account, with a high probability you will catch more natural faces and smiles before everyone tries to portray the most photogenic, in his opinion, facial expression. Many successful collective photos are the result of the manifestation of fantasy, for example, jumping group shots are quite popular today.

Group photo in a jump

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6. Use devices

Of course, it’s very difficult to take a good group photo with your hands, so it will not be superfluous to carry a tripod. For example, for such (and many other) purposes, you can purchase a portable folding tripod monopod, which is useful to every lover of iPhoneography and does not make a big hole in the budget (buy).


Another very popular and inexpensive option is a spider tripod (octopus), which can be mounted literally on anything. Such an accessory is worth mere pennies, but it can come in handy at any time (buy).

Naturally, the photographer also wants to be present in the frame and for this you can use the delay, but making a high-quality picture in this way is quite difficult. It will be much better to get hold of an inexpensive remote control, which will also allow you to take remote selfies (buy).

bluetooth remote button

Additional optics will help to make a group photo original. For example, a wide-angle lens or fish eye. For a lover of shooting on an iPhone (or other smartphone), the Apexel 6-in-1 lens kit in a neat compact pencil case is a great help (buy).

Detachable lens for iPhone

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7. Use software

How to take group photos on iPhone

In the App Store, you can find a huge number of programs that will allow you to take high-quality collective photos and improve it in the post-processing process. For example, Apple recommends using the Smile function of an application. Camera + 2, which releases the shutter only at the moment when everyone in the frame smile.

You can use applications to adjust contrast, brightness and saturation, as well as applying a variety of filters. Vsco, Adobe Lightroom CC or Darkroom.


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