How to take a mirror selfie on an iPhone and when is it better to refuse it

Fans of taking photos on the iPhone have long complained about the inability of the Camera application to take mirror selfies. This is a little confusing, because in the viewfinder we see exactly our mirror image. Fortunately, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 (a detailed overview of new features) managed to fix this camera behavior. As a result, our photos now look exactly the same as in the viewfinder when shooting with the front camera. Here’s how to take mirrored selfies on iPhone.

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Why do your selfies turn upside down?

It took quite a few years, but Apple eventually added a mirroring switch to its camera settings. Now the user can choose between a DSLR or non-reflective photo from their front camera. This new and useful setting is available on any iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 14 software, as well as iPads that are compatible with the iPadOS 14 update.

But why does the iPhone’s viewfinder show a mirror image at all? The simple answer is that before selfies were around, we were all used to seeing our reflections in mirrors and other similar surfaces that form an image with upside down left and right sides.

So the viewfinder in the Camera app just displays what we’re used to seeing.

Prior to iOS 14, images captured with the front camera had their original, non-mirrored composition. As a result, your photo was exactly what the camera saw at the time of shooting, and not what you saw in the viewfinder. Needless to say, this state of affairs can hardly be called ideal.

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When is it better to give up a mirror selfie

In the event that there are inscriptions or trademarks in the frame, then a mirror selfie may look ridiculous, since the image will be inverted (in the photo below is a girl in the store of the American cosmetics company NYX).

How to take a mirror selfie on iPhone

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How to take a mirror selfie manually

In iOS 13 and earlier, it was possible to manually mirror your selfies after the photo was taken. The editing tools in the Photos app made it easy to do this. Typically, users would bring up the Crop tool and click the icon in the upper left corner, which resembles a pair of triangles with an arrow above them, to flip any saved selfie.

How to mirror a photo on iPhone

You can still manually mirror your selfies, but iOS and iPadOS 14 have a handy new toggle that lets you set up the camera to save your selfies as mirroring according to the front camera preview.

We’ll show you how you can customize the behavior of your iPhone’s camera so that it takes selfies in the way you want by default.

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How to take mirrored selfies on iPhone and iPad automatically?

Follow these steps to take mirrored selfies on your iPhone or iPad camera:

1. Open “Settings” on your device.

2. Select a section “Camera” from the main list.

3. Set the switch “Front camera mirrored” into position Included

How to take mirrored selfies on iPhone and iPad?

From now on the application “Camera” will save the selfie as a mirror.

In other words, the photo you take with the front (front) camera will now match what you saw in the viewfinder when you took that selfie, rather than being saved upside down.

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