How to sunbathe in the sun and in a solarium

Summer has come, and many are in a hurry to take advantage of the increased activity of the sun to form a tan. Not everyone can afford regular visits to the solarium. A beautiful tan is not just beautiful. Sunbathing increases serotonin levels, which influences mood, helps in the production of vitamin D, and improves immunity.

But you should not rush to bare your body and expose it to hot rays. This must be done correctly, because carelessness can lead to burns, skin aging and even cancer. Sunbathing in the sun and in a solarium should be correct. And we will tell you how best to do it.

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How to sunbathe for your skin type

How to sunbathe for your skin type

It’s no secret that some people can boast an even chocolate tan, while others instantly burn out in the sun. Aristocratic pallor even began to come into fashion, and the sun began to be called the enemy of beauty. Doctors believe that sunbathing is good, but in moderation. In principle, only people with cancer or those at risk should not sunbathe. And the rest, even babies, need vitamin D. You just need to understand how your skin will react to sunburn.

Experts conditionally designated five groups of people according to the degree of sun perception.

TO the first include people with fair skin, light eyes and freckles. The skin does not protect itself well and instantly turns red in the sun. They can be advised to use products with protection 50+ and get out to the beach in the morning and evening. Don’t even try to sunbathe during the day.

Have second group light skin is not so capricious, it also needs funds with a high level of protection. You can get a light tan during the day if you are not in direct sunlight.

Third group – people with olive skin and light brown hair. Proper sunbathing can lead to a beautiful golden tan. You should not expect a bronze shade from the skin. But the use of funds with SPF 50 allows you to actively sunbathe for an hour, even during the day.

How to sunbathe for your skin type

TO fourth type include brown-eyed brunettes with dark skin. These people rarely get sunburn, their tan is beautiful, even and fast. But you should not neglect the means of protection – the sun emits a wide range of rays.

TO fifth the type can be attributed to the owners of very dark skin, like Africans and South Americans. Sunburn appears on the skin quickly, and its very nature protects against burns.

However, in the last two cases, it is worth using creams with at least a minimum level of protection to prevent premature aging of the cover.

How to sunbathe for your skin type

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How to sunbathe in the sun

How to sunbathe for your skin type

There are some simple rules that will help you get a beautiful tan and keep your skin healthy.

Use sunscreen… This simple rule is at the heart of a beautiful tan. Doctors are generally skeptical about ultraviolet light, but with the help of cosmetics you can at least protect yourself from the most dangerous UVB-type rays. They are the most full of energy, thereby causing burns. At the same time, these funds do not affect the speed of tanning. Recommendations for using sunscreen are simple: apply it at least 20 minutes before sun exposure, and then renew the protective layer every 2 hours or as often as indicated.

Sunbathe gradually. Don’t even try to get an even tan over the weekend. It will not work, but you can harm yourself. Tanning is provided by a dark pigment, melanin. With its help, our body is protected from ultraviolet radiation, which is dangerous for it. As long as there is little melanin, the cells are defenseless and mutate. Sunburn is a sign of skin damage, which can lead to melanoma in the future. One should try to accumulate melanin gradually, irritating the skin, but not damaging the cells. On the first day, sunbathing is 10-15 minutes before lunch and 15-20 minutes after it, and each subsequent day should be added to intervals of 10 minutes.

Prepare your skin for tanning. To make the skin more easily accumulate melanin and darken evenly, it is necessary to cleanse it of stubborn dirt and dead cells. A body scrub or massage with an exfoliating glove can help.

Don’t go out in the sun in the middle of the day. The less direct rays hit the skin, the less harmful portion of ultraviolet radiation it will receive. Scientists have found that the maximum level of radiation falls on the interval from 11 to 15 pm. At this time in the sun it is better to show yourself less and use creams or cover yourself with clothes.

Have a cup of green tea before going to the beach. You can help the skin protect itself not only with external tools, but also with internal ones. There are a number of foods that, due to their high antioxidant content, will be effective in this situation. They will stop the process of cell destruction and change. These are fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids (tuna, herring, salmon, salmon), red and orange fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate, cabbage, herbs and teas. But milk, cheese and yogurt, on the contrary, will increase the risks – it is better to refuse to use them.

Stop in time… There is no point in sunbathing all day, as melanin production ends 2-3 hours after sun exposure. Staying under its rays will only increase the risks of skin damage. And according to recent reports, prolonged sun exposure even lowers vitamin D levels.

Moisturize skin after sunburn. Chocolate skin color is a goal for many. But the body considers such an excess of melanin to be a clear signal of skin damage. The body no longer needs such tissues. The top layer of the skin becomes drier – this is how the body gets rid of damaged cells. And so that the tan does not come off ahead of time, you need to regularly and thoroughly moisturize the skin, but do not use scrubs and active massage with a washcloth.

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How to sunbathe in a solarium

How to sunbathe in a solarium

The popularity of tanning salons has declined dramatically in recent years. However, there are still fans of artificial tanning. Tanning salons have been criticized for the increased risks of skin damage. But according to experts, there is no fundamental difference with natural light. Moreover, the procedure is even safer, being initially limited in time.

Before visiting a tanning salon for the first time, it is best to consult your doctor. The procedure should be postponed for pregnant women with skin diseases, allergies and chronic diseases. And in this case, it is worth considering the type of your skin, which will affect the duration and frequency of sessions. The first visit should last 2-5 minutes, depending on the skin type, and then this time can be gradually increased. Blondes need only one session 7 minutes a week. If the skin takes a tan evenly and quickly, then 2 sessions a week for 10 minutes can be carried out. Some people visit the solarium to preserve their tan – then it is enough to visit it once a week for 7-10 minutes.

In both vertical and horizontal tanning salons, protective cosmetics, breast protectors and glasses are mandatory. While in an upright position, from time to time you need to raise your hands for an even tan. And in the horizontal solarium you can relax and even take a nap.

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Tanning in a solarium: recommendations of doctors

Clear skin… Before going to the solarium, you need to thoroughly clean your skin. This will require a hard washcloth or body scrub. After removing the dead scales, the tan will lie smoother.

Moisturize the skin… This should be done both before visiting the solarium and after. Moisture will help minimize the harmful effects of UV light while protecting your skin from dryness. As a solution, you can mix moisturizing milk with a nourishing cream.

Increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet. It is worth paying attention to the consumption of this vitamin, which is a powerful antioxidant. It helps to minimize the harmful effects of lamp light on the skin. Vitamin C can be found in fresh fruits, green fruits, leafy vegetables, and greens. An alternative to them is ascorbic acid in tablets, it is enough to take it 500 mg per day. Taking a vitamin should accompany the entire course of visiting a solarium.

A tanning activator is not a bad solution. Such products contain substances to ensure an even tan and maintain it. For example, beta-carotene will accumulate in subcutaneous fat and create a beautiful tan. Activators contain a variety of oils that maintain healthy skin and stick together particles of the epidermis. On them then and will lie exactly tan.

Cover moles and nipples. Before the session, it is better to cover the most pigmented parts of the body (nipples, moles, spots) with special stickers. This protection will keep them from being exposed to a powerful light source.

Monitor the duration of the session. The duration of a tanning session depends on the skin phototype. People of 3-4 types can sunbathe for 5, 8 and even 10 minutes. But for those belonging to the 1-2 phototype, it is better to limit the sessions to 1-3 minutes.

Do not visit the solarium too often… The time of the first session should be minimal. Do not visit the solarium more than twice a week. After acquiring a small tan, for which 4 sessions are enough, it is better to switch to a regimen with one session per week.

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