How to sort, search, and organize emails in Mail on Mac (macOS)

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But before exploring the advanced functionality of the application “post office», We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the main features of the program. After all, even such simple operations as sorting letters, their search and organization, not all users are able to carry out. For those who have not yet had time to thoroughly familiarize themselves with macOS and do not know how to perform these simple operations in the program “post office”, Our material will help.

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Sort emails in Mail on Mac

It is possible to configure several options for sorting letters in the application “post office», The options are changed with one click.

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Column sorting

By default, in the program layout setting, a list of messages is displayed on the left, and the contents of the selected message on the right. You can click on the column header at the top of the message list and select the option by which you want to sort messages: by sender, size, subject, file attachments, etc. Just select one of these options to sort the message list.

For example, if you click to sort on a column heading Sender, then the list of letters will be displayed with the senders in alphabetical order, starting with the Russian letter A, and if you click on the field again, the list will turn over and start with the Latin Z.

Sort emails in Mail on Mac

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Sorting using the menu bar

You can also use the actions on the menu bar to sort in whatever layout you use. Click on View -> Sort by and select the option you want, such as by size, subject, date, or unread. You can also choose to display from old to new letters or vice versa, from the letter A to Z, depending on the sorting you choose.

Sort emails in Mail on Mac

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Organize email in Mail on Mac

Keeping order in your folder Inbox can be challenging, especially if there are many letters arriving there every day. Fortunately, the application “post office»Provides an easy way to organize your posts.

Create a new mailbox (or several)

Mailboxes are actually folders that can store your messages and process them for any account you set up.

If you have the sidebar open Mailboxes, scroll down to the mailbox associated with your account and hover over it. Click on the icon that appears “+»To the right of the title. Or you can press Crate → New Crate on the menu bar.

Organize email in Mail on Mac

In the pop-up window, confirm the current location of the box (email account) or select another from the drop-down list. Give the new mailbox a name and click OK

Organize email in Mail on Mac

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Organizing emails in new mailboxes

Now you can use the new mailbox (folder) you created to improve the organization of your messages. There are several different ways to do this. Select a message and then do one of the following:

  • Drag it to the mailbox in the sidebar.
  • Click Message → Move to on the menu bar and select a mailbox.
  • Right-click on the message, and then select “Move to“, And then the required box.
  • On the toolbar of the program “post office“Click the down arrow in the drop-down list”Move to»And select the required mailbox.

Organizing emails in new mailboxes

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Find email in Mail on Mac

The last trick for working with “By mail“On the Mac, which I’ll talk about, is performing a search. This is a valuable tool that will help you find a specific message. Search helps when the user does not remember which mailbox or even account contains the letter he needs.

The search field is located in the upper right corner of the application window “post office»In the default toolbar format. Just start typing what you are looking for there, be it the sender, the subject, or a piece of text in an email. You will immediately see suitable options collected in sections People, Themes or Mailboxes… You can select them immediately or continue to enter further text to narrow the search circle.

Search for email in Mail on Mac

When you find the letter you want and select it, after finishing working with it, just click the cross in the search field. This clears the results and lets you go back to working with your current mailbox.

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Learning the basics of using the new mail application will help you not only accomplish your current simple tasks, but also prepare for more complex scenarios. In the future, they will certainly be in demand. We hope that our tips for beginners will help you master the program “post office“For Mac. Also check out other helpful instructions for using the app. post office:

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